Volleyball: Anne-Marie Lavagne’s dream life played on Biterrois parquet

“Nany” Lavagne’s BV at Cannes on Saturday, March 5th (7pm) is not to be missed.

The player, then the manager, the real nanny and confidante of the volleyball player over the years, the administrative manager of the first team, a member of the fan club, and today, the manager of the Beziers Volleyball Training Center… Anne-Marie Lavagne, “Nany” as everyone calls her, is one of those characters whose name is written in golden letters on the most beautiful roster in the history of the women’s volleyball team in Bittroys.

Because this Saturday night will still be on the deck, the arrivals at Cannes already know everything: in the ’90s, Gazelec volleyball and Béziers/Valras pulling the plug, their pulls, their mergers, their streak climbing to the top flight , dirty tricks, great joy, victory, defeat…

Dedicate your life to volleyball

Nany Lavagne dedicated her existence to volleyball, to this club, which has become a family over the years. As she looked in the rearview mirror, the memories merged. Of course, she hasn’t forgotten the title of French champion, beating…Cannes in 2018, winning in the final: “It’s an achievement, excellent”, Nanni smiled, her eyes still flashing with unspeakable happiness.

“But one of my biggest gifts was still being in touch with 80% of the club’s players, especially those who were almost exclusively French women in the squad. I remember when pre-match briefings and refreshments were done at home. The girls nicknamed I’m “Nanynotte”. Volleyball is my life. I’m on deck with the team every weekend. Our son Julian even trained with the players when he was little. Four-à-Chaux is our first two homes.”

always by his player’s bedside

Her passion, Nany shares with two of her husband, Gérard. He was his coach, the chairman, and then the secretary of the club. Like his wife, he continues to live intensely in BV history.

Short-tempered and always at her players’ bedside, Nany Lavagne knows how to hold her back when a storm slams the club. Be careful not to interfere with the athlete.

She was attached to the club’s training centre, which became more professional with the arrival of the new leader, and she took a step back from the first team. But his heart was still pounding when Bittroy came on stage.

For the arrival of the Cannes Film Festival, this Saturday, at the Fourth Ring, she believes it is as hard as iron: “I am very confident, Reassures Nanny, smiling. I feel more calm in the team. If there is still public, it should pass.

To be sure, Nany Lavagne wasn’t done crossing his fingers this Saturday night.

Fans who support UNICEF

A partner of BV for several months, the UNICEF Antenna of Béziers was invited by the club to take part in the Ligue AF day 23 meeting against Cannes in Four-à-Chaux on Saturday night (7pm). In addition to the UNICEF stand, the fan club decided to donate the profits from the raffle to the association responsible for defending children’s rights. A very good move by the Biterrois club and its supporters.

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