Volleyball: Bellaing’s AMVB presents the game!

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The time has come for Amiens’ elite players, who travel to Belinin this Saturday for the first knockout round of the Elite Championship.

Billing is a well-known team from Amiens, having played against them twice last season. The two clashes ended in two losses for the Eagles, “It’s our little trouble” remember the coach Ali NoirBut according to his sources, the coach noted that their opponents over the weekend will have some difficulties this season, especially with serious injuries and even the 38-year-old Bellingjoy’s weak knee.

It’s a new championship game that starts in March in Amiens, with knockout rounds that will decide which teams will remain in the elite competition next season. AMVB will have to fight to the end because they matter 14 points in the standings, making them fifth in the standings. Bellaing, meanwhile, was second with 18 points. “There is a basket of 30 points to take” Ali Nouaour said, “We’re going to have to play like we did in December or January, when we were much more efficient.”

The AMVB will move to its northern neighbor, limiting fatigue or leg stiffness that a trip to Grenoble, for example, can cause. They’ll have to be especially wary of this Bellaing team with seasoned players. Even though the latter are not the most impressive in size (average height is between 1m85 and 1m92), North players are real scumbags on the field and play very smart with very few drops , knowing how to hit the opponent’s block is in their favor. Their team includes an offensive receiver who plays as a free agent in the Pro Division. “So we’re going to have to do everything we can to spoil their reception” Explain Amiens Coach. “In addition to having a real game context, they also have a passer who plays very fast on the wing, so if we don’t make them difficult to serve, it will be more complicated when it comes to blocking.”

So let’s hope the AMVB responds from Saturday’s first weekend knockout, as we remind you that Amiens is undergoing maintenance in the elite division and will eventually be necessary to make it to this second stage of the top 5.

Florence Gerber

Photo Credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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