Volleyball: Canet and Rotar U19 Beach Volleyball World Champions in Montpellier

Montpellier beach volleyball duo Arthur Canet-Téo Rotar won the U19 Beach Volleyball World Cup Final in Phuket, Thailand on Saturday 11 December. They became the first French to win a world medal in all competitions.

Truly no fault. Young Montpellier players Arthur Canet and Téo Rotar have won seven of their seven matches at the U19 Beach Volleyball World Cup.

Even better, on the road to the world title, the two 17-year-old Frenchmen have not dropped a set since the start of the competition. “It’s crazy!” exclaimed Rotar, relayed by the French Volleyball Federation.


“In the beginning, our goal was already to get through the quarters, Kanette declared. We had a super big Czech team, they were on the World Tour, they were two years older than us. Us. On the leaderboard. The podium is stronger, and in the end the most beautiful medal is Fengshen.”

In the final, the French even defeated two local Thais, Netitorn Muneekul and Wachirawit Muadpha, 21-15, 21-14. “As soon as we got to the final and we were sure to get a medal, we said to ourselves, we have zero pressure, but anyway, if we can sing Marseillaise at the World Championships, that would be great. Finally, we can sing it. , we also had a little tear,” Carnett added.

#WorldU19 Téo Rotar and Arthur Canet World Champions! ! ! ? ? ? 2/0 over Netitorn/M.Wachirawit of Thailand pic.twitter.com/6L6dwEmu6J

— FFvolley (@FFvolley) December 11, 2021

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With this gold medal, Carnet and Rothard became the first tricolors to win the discipline’s world championship in all competitions. “Victory is making history! I don’t think we really realize it yet, but in the days ahead we will. It’s a crazy experience in our lives,” Rotar responded.

Especially since the names Rotar and Canet are no strangers to the volleyball and beach volleyball world. Arthur is the son of Stéphane Canet, the last Frenchman to compete in the 2004 Olympics with Mathieu Hamel.

Téo is the brother of France international Amélie Rotar of the French volleyball team, whose father already played for the Romanian national team.

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