Volleyball: Center League returns

The Volleyball Central Regional League officially kicked off its new season on Saturday, February 26, 2022 in Ouagadougou with a national sport competition. The kickoff marked the start of the season.

This is now a tradition in the Central Region Volleyball League. To start the season, the management team organized a sports game for all. On Saturday, February 26, 2022, this tradition was honored.

Practitioners come together on the Volleyball Platform of the Institute of Exercise Science and Human Development (ISSDH). The competition is against the various clubs in the region competing in the competition. “We decided to let those who didn’t have the opportunity to compete, it’s a sport for everyone. We created a framework for these veterans so they could find each other and remember the good times they shared with each other,” Ligue du Centre de volleyball president Dr Jean Augustin Somda said.

Dr. Jean-Augustin Somda, President of the Volleyball Center Union

Back to school is also an opportunity to honor a volleyball player who has passed away. “We also want to remember those who left us. That’s why the game is called ‘Apollinaire Lompo’, after a former coach who unfortunately suffered a seizure during the game and died. This year, we also want to pay tribute to Salute to all those who have left us, the last of whom was the technical director of the league and coach of the national team, Almamy Souleymane Sidibé, who passed away on December 23,” Volleyball Central Regional League.

Satisfaction with last season…

The start of the school year marks the start of the 2022-2023 season. But looking in the rearview mirror, Dr Jean-Augustin Somda said he was pleased with the action taken last season. “In our first year in office, we saw good things. We innovated with partners like CRA Sport. Last year we played 102 games for the MVP and we handed out 102 jerseys to the best players,” He said.

guests at the start of the season

For this new season, the ambitions are equally huge. The central league president wants the seven league clubs participating in the competition to double the discipline’s national championship. There are also plans to host national championships, youth competitions, young referee training, beach volleyball competitions and two cups for the benefit of athletes starting on the 26th.

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