Volleyball: Chain Angel’s Success and Commitment

On Saturday, November 13, at the Four-à-Chaux Stadium, the Angels played a tortuous match against Nantes that ended in a 3-2 victory.

They were expected and they were not disappointed. After rest assured In recent weeks, by winning no less than three of the past four days, Bézier has angel blowagainst Nantes in a clash at the top of Day 9 of the AF League on Saturday night.

As in recent years, the show between these two big outsiders is all about fighting for the top spot. Very efficient from the first communication, Nantes A 0-4 return on the scoreboard was quick before the Biterroises reacted and recovered to a single length.Moments of player choice for former Biterrois coach Cyril Ong boost and regained the lead (18-25) on the scoreboard.

impeccable attitude

A scene that will be repeated at the beginning of the second round. Outperforming their opponents, Captain Shad’s teammates were quick to give themselves a few points in advance.corn Angel did not abdicate, on the contrary.With great character strength, they end the suspense with reset counter (30-28). The first big turning point of the session, the third set this time was for Fabian Simondette’s players (25-22).

But as written this poster will be tight to the end, yellow and blue dominated and very logically won the fourth round (17-25), with hot tiebreaker. In this little game it’s Biterroises, in extraordinary atmospherewhich makes a difference (15-12).

Tonight in a huge atmosphere of four-à-Chaux for victory (3-2) @BeziersAngels against Nantes #LAF@MLBeziers @MidiLibreSports pic.twitter.com/TNZGiXeHnE

— Bérenger Tournier (@BeTournier) November 13, 2021

A huge payoff for this team, can still be perfected in the game, but blameless in state of mind and in combat. Values ​​that must be preserved in Tver-Flolange from next weekend. Key to new success?

Technical Information:

Bezier Angels 3 – 2 Nantes

Set Details: 18-25 (28′), 30-28 (37′), 25-22 (29′), 17-25 (25′), 15-12 (14′).

Halle du Four-à-Chaux.

Referees: Sébastien Jacob and Sylvain Vermande.

bezier angel : Soto, Basso, Leyva, Cuneo, Fario, Kim (cap). Freeman: Rochelle. Trainer: Fabien Simondet.

Nantes : Keane, Tashiro, Gormans, Shad (cap), Razic, Grubbs. Freeman: Leroux. Coach: Cyril Ong.

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