Volleyball: Champions League, big investment for Béziers Angels

This Tuesday, December 7th, the Angels face Dynamo Kazan. Not necessarily a gift.

Just hours after Saturday night’s big win over Le Cannet at the Quad Cities, the Béziers Angels and their staff, led by Fabien Simondet, headed to Barcelona on Sunday morning before flying to Russia. The league for the second day of the Championship will take place this Tuesday (5pm French time) at the Dynamo Kazan Stadium.

The long journey of tens of thousands of kilometers is far from a piece of cake for the club and its leaders. Because if one thinks that playing in the most prestigious European competitions will only give qualified teams an advantage, or almost an advantage, the reality is quite different. Economically at least.

large sums of money

For example, the 18-member Biterroise delegation will spend around 20,000 euros this week. A sum paid exclusively by the club without any financial assistance from European authorities.

And for the home game, it will be even worse, Béziers volleyball will have to be played at the Arena Narbonne, where the Hall IV-à-Chaux has not been approved for this event. “Each game will cost us over 30,000 euros. Even if we get a bonus of €5,000 or €10,000 depending on the result, it’s still a huge investment. We’ve been punished athletically because we’re not playing at home, and financially, Regrets to President Bernard Fergus. Fortunately, we are very popular both at the Arena and at the Narbonne Club. “

Prize money for three European races between €70,000 and €80,000

As a result, the Biterrois Club is required to pay a total of 70,000 to 80,000 euros only for the organization of the three European conferences organized in the country, which shall be added to any fines related to the book fee requirements stipulated by CEV. And not necessarily a return on investment, as was the case with the Bulgarians’ reception in Mariza Plovdiv two weeks ago, with a sparse audience to say the least.

“We saw it very clearly in the first game, and while the weather played a role, it was difficult to draw our supporters and sponsors away, The club’s strongman admits that in less than two years, the arrival of a new room is the only solution to these economic problems.

The only way we have to continue to grow on the European stage is to be able to play in our room

“Sportingly, playing in the Champions League is very special. It allows us to attract very good players, and we wouldn’t necessarily be able to recruit them if we didn’t play in this competition. But financially, it’s very heavy. We have to The only way to continue to grow on the European stage is to be able to play in our room.”

The prospect of the 2023-2024 season should come, when the future Palace of Sports should break out as a new theatre for Bittroy’s success. It could be the turning point where Bezier volleyball needs to continue its crazy ascent through European volleyball.

Great challenge to Kazan

The Béziers Angels will find one this Tuesday if they start their European epic perfectly, comfortably beating (3-0) the Bulgarians of Marica Plovdiv at Narbonne two weeks ago Completely different opponent.

Heading to Russia to face Dynamo Kazan, Bittrovas will simply go up against one of the most beautiful teams in Europe. It was a huge challenge for Fabien Simondet’s players, who had to meet this grand meeting without any pressure. On the quest for a resounding feat.

The match between Dynamo Kazan and Angels Béziers will be broadcast live on the internet: eurovolley.tv.

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