Volleyball: Creusot Volleyball Weekend Results

Women’s Division Competitions:

The women’s division hosts Chevigny on Friday night. Despite a very good game and a clear improvement from the first leg, our players did not gain an advantage over their opponents. 25-22, 25-22, 15-25

Men’s Division Competitions:

Divisional teams start the second stage of the tournament. She finds the Buxy team at home for revenge. Unfortunately, the team struggled to get into the game, which prevented them from winning the first set. The second game was very tight, but Buxy took control. The third group is on the same line as the first two. Despite their thirst for revenge, Le Crusoe lost three sets.

Score: 25-15, 25-21, 25-19

Men’s Regional:

beat ASPTT Dijon 3-0
25-15 25-19 32-30
captain’s words :
“Again we played badly and we let them go ahead. We made a lot of mistakes on the serve and it was a free point they didn’t need. Little by little we built our level, both offensively Still serving offense, but we didn’t manage to get enough balls in defense. I think we can have some regrets because the third set is within our reach.”
coach’s words :
“You could say we finished the game, the first leg was very tight, but that wasn’t the case on Saturday night. The second set. The third set should have been a wake-up call, but we didn’t manage to raise our level in Dijon to leave this very Intense game. The team didn’t manage to put energy into the game, it’s impossible to win with so many unforced errors. There’s still work to do, use the remaining two games to get ready and the third stage of the tournament , which will put us against more affordable teams.”

Creusot Volleyball’s young volleyball players took part in Day 6 of the Under-15 Regional Championships in Dijon-Tarrant on Saturday 5th February. The Creusotines now take on the other 7 best teams in Burgundy in the High Hen Tournament. They finished 4th out of 8 at the end of an emotional day.

Creusotines were motivated and confident in their previous results, beating Chalon 2 (25-21) and Chenôve (28-26). But logically lost to Sennecey (10-25).
The second game after the billiards match saw them meet a high level Chalon 1 (13-25) before losing again to the Fontaines (19-25), not without demerits in the final game.
Their coaches Léon and Célien are proud of their desire to learn. Creusotines’ progress made for a beautiful encounter for the rest of the tournament.

match ranking :
1-Salon 1
2- Sennessy
3- Fountain
4 – Le Crusoe
5 senses
6- Talent
7- Chenoff
8-Salon 2

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