Volleyball: Dragged down by virus, Allago Deset unsure of Big Derby

Seven players have been bedridden in the past few days and may be victims of bronchitis.

As the larger Errodby approaches, we see the more dashing Arago. Patrick Duflos’ team, who has actually been bedridden for the past few days, may have contracted the virus at Plessis-Robinson last weekend.

a eliminated team

“It started on Monday morning, Romain Devèze”, with a special mention of Coach Sette, whose assistants and physiotherapists were also affected. “I’ve since learned that six of Le Plessis’ players were also sick at the same time. However, Romain played at Cambrai on Tuesday while sick. Many players have since developed high fevers and sore throats. , symptoms of physical discomfort. Dealing with pain. Tired. All symptoms of bronchitis, but quite full-bodied considering the condition of the troops.

After five days together, the Setois were quickly tainted by two consecutive away games. Patrick Duflos’ cell phone showed the same message from several players on Thursday morning. Sclater, Chirivino, Kreek, Mabila, Devèze, Karlitzek and Diop cannot train.

cannot be postponed

This Friday, the game will be played with only seven players, including youngsters from the training center…and if you add in Geller’s (sprain) absence, that’s too much. “This game, so far, I have no sharps, just a passer, a center and a free man who isn’t dashing. I don’t know yet how we’re going to play. Even if they recover in time, they’ll be in half a week The bed isn’t ready yet.”

And, with the development of health conditions, it is impossible to consider postponement. “We have tested – negative – but, Covid or not, there is no longer any possible delay. We are now obligated to show six players, regardless of the position affected.

Uncertainty matching

So there are better hopes to prepare for this big game. Because the Setois are aspiring to stay in the top four. “And the loss on the green carpet at Cannes, which gave Narbonne another three points… At the moment, it’s not going well. We have to win at least two of the three remaining games because we know we’re going to Tours, we get Poitiers. But at the moment, we just want to know how we will play. Montpellier also has uncertainty, with two injured centres. In fact, there are only unknowns. There will be Sète-Montpellier, but We don’t know with whom yet…”

Dorset-Montpellier, Sunday March 6th at 5pm at the Barrou Hall.

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