Volleyball (F): LAMVB bows in extreme situations

On the 12th day of the tournament, the women of the LAMVB failed at the barbed wire in front of the Marcq-en-Baroeul reserves.

Amiens take a good start the first four Meeting(4-0).dynamic, they are Brandy managed to close the gap and come back (6-5) in the first group. Northerners keep in touch (8-7) before leading (10-12). Longueau – Amiens Volley-Ball cheers up and manages to get back in front (16-15). before widening the gap (25-18) and win the first round.

The second set was even more intense (2-2). Ruled still by the Samaritans (7-5) corn Marcquoises didn’t say the last word. L’Amienoise Laila Lubard Precious for her multiple smashes, like her teammates Stella Vukasovic (11-11). Before Mark leaves (14-20). Longacoissiennes try to cheer yourself up, Northerners are widening the gap and logically take this set (17-25). The volleyball players of the Met Amiens have to redo everything and this round is very difficult (1-1).

Two times with two faces

dominated the second set, longaxies Show more aggressiveness and start round 3 well (5-2).In particular, they can rely on Casey Cuvier Dumesneyappears on all balls (8-4). Samaritan Dominate largely and choose the right option to get the round (12-4).Northerners are getting closer (13-8) before giving way again (18-10). Brandin Popek Continue to show efficiency when spiking (22-10). Longueil Logically get the third round of gain (25-14) Bring the two groups together.

The situation reversed in round 4 (1-4).Even if the LAMVB players are a little more difficult, they haven’t finished speaking their opposition in Markovaz (4-8). But the northerners flew away (6-13). Longacoissiennes Work hard to come back and give their opponents points (8-16).If we think that the Amiens Metropolitan volleyball players can get back on their feet in this round, it is after all Markovazs who received this fourth round of capital gains (12-25). 2 sleeves all over the place. So we need a decisive round.

Group 5 is fierce, indecisive, and competitive: Longue-Amiens by a short head (5-4).but to 8-8Don’t do anything… every second counts, look exactly the same, very smart who can find the winner (11-11). Marcquoises will lead right under the eyes of the Samarians (12-14). Before getting a key point synonymous with victory (12-15) in the gym.

Now, LAMVB is focused on the next game and wants to fight together Next Sunday Conflans-Andrésy-Jouy Volleyball, February 27.

Sunday 20 January 2:00pm – Amiens Arena:

Amiens – Marcq-en-Baroeul: 2-3 [(25-18)(17-25)(25-14)(12-25)(12-15)]

LAMVB consists of: Cadart – Loubard – Leclere – Yuwei – Popek – Couvert Dumesny – Vukasovic – Devaux – Canler

Composer Marcq-en-Baroeul: Caillant – Racinet – Marbac – Wattelle – Zaaouar – Monkam Tchokonte – Baude le Guludec – Boulogne – Bonnesso – Brencic

Matthew Turbill
Photo Credit: Reynald Valleron – GazetteSports

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