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The nearly 1,200 spectators who took their seats at Palestra on Saturday 26 February at Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne against Cannes welcomed the message read by the ceve president before kick-off to thunderous applause .

Therefore, the leaders of Haute-Marne would like to emphasize the support of the entire French volleyball to the Ukrainian people, especially the representatives of the French Championships, during these tragic times that the country is going through.

A more important message was the presence of Ukrainian Cannes captain Oleksiy Klyamar at Chaumont Hall, very moved by the welcome.

Without Maxime Laumont…

Only 12 players showed up at CVB 52’s reception in Cannes on Saturday night. For good reason, his young forward and catcher Maxime Laumon has contracted the flu and has been staying warm at home.

…Ni Karil Dadash Adeh

The Iranian made a brief appearance before the meeting on Saturday night just to greet his now former teammate. In fact, the young striker arrived at CVB 52 in November to make up for Maxime Rota’s absence before returning home after undergoing surgery on his knee. The club have decided to keep him for a few more weeks, but there is no offer to continue his career in Europe. The leaders of Haute-Marne thus released him.

Tours and Narbonne aim for final

Tuesday 1Uh In March (7pm), Narbonne will be the first French representative to try to secure a place in the European final. After a victory in Ljubljana (2-3), Odova must play at home against the Slovenians to reach the Challenge Cup final, likely against the Turks at Halkbank in Ankara: this is the club’s first appearance at the European Cup for Lange Doxian’s feat.

For its part, Tour will have to turn things around against Belchatow on Wednesday, March 2 (8pm). After a tiebreaker defeat in Poland, Kevin Tilly and his team-mates will rely on their supporters to propel them to the final of the CEV Cup, perhaps against the Russians in Kazan. One thing is for sure, the Turin leaders have said they refuse to travel to Kazan for a match, even the European Cup final, given the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Challenges at all levels

Tuesday 1Uh In March, the Serie A Championship continued to update the calendar. Three games were played. Poitiers welcomes Montpellier, Turquin welcomes Cannes, Cambrai awaits Sette. The result will inevitably have a big impact on the rankings, as it involves the final three, as well as top-ranked Set and Montpellier, not to mention Turquin’s desire to validate his “play-off” tickets.

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