Volleyball/League A (F). Vandoeuvre-Nancy exploits uncertainty

Radoslav Arsov and his players finally saw a game.In principle, the VNVB will face Marcq-en-Baroeul next Tuesday, one of its three late matches (1)In principle, reserve surprises as we can unfortunately imagine that the current carnage of covid cases affecting the A-League is not over yet.

“It’s kind of like a Kinder surprise: you never know what you’ll find in it…” the Bulgarian coach laughed. “We couldn’t control anything, we took time to adapt… We played two games and each time We all have an active player in the workforce. I find… odd that other clubs always have at least four cases… (editor’s note: protocol provides for postponement from four positive cases)”.

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two friendly matches

Doubts aside, the Vietnam National Football League has only played two games since the beginning of 2022 (January 4 and 8). If you add the Christmas holidays, official games have been rare since early December. “Obviously we lost our rhythm”, continued Radoslav Arsoff, “We had two friendlies with Tver-Florange and Saint-Diere, but this week it was impossible for us to find an opponent. …and to a certain extent it is also difficult to maintain momentum between players.

Forced to wait for a cleanup and keep tweaking the schedule, the VNVB coach still found one positive in this disturbing schedule: “It allowed us to redo a session that was a lot of work. We needed it because the first two games were in The break comes soon after. This preparation will allow us to last until the end of the season, especially when we have to play two games a week.” Starting next week, Tuesday against Marcq-en-Baroeul, three days later against Mulhouse. in principle…

(1) Chamalières – VNVB has been rescheduled for February 22; VNVB – Le Cannet is still waiting for an appointment.

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