Volleyball League B. GFCA in renaissance?

It took off for the first time yesterday morning and it was on the scene San Quentin that GFCA – After visiting Paris-based partner (Novair Medical) – rehearsing his range and most importantly deciding on his game plan for tonight.

If we rely on the trends observed after the cup win over Saint-Jean Dirac, it could include a major change in the position of the second receiver – attacker, but also in the middle.

It all depends on whether Morgado and Calabari are forced to leave their partners before the tiebreaker after feeling knee pain the first time and hamstring tingling the second.

Sylvain Morgado, who is due to undergo an MRI on Monday, was given anti-inflammatory drugs and thus had the chance to keep his place yesterday if necessary, while on the other hand the Colombian who was also on the road seemed to be Has stopped this day before training – more intends to play a role as a substitute on the bench.

“I will form a team that, in my opinion, will bring the best opponents for Saint-Quentin, and my decision will not be made until after the last game this morning.” Coach Frédéric Ferrandez slipped before the start, trying to get the most out of everyone in less obvious conditions.

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The Return of Moracchini

He can already count on Clément Moracchini to return the pass, which is very good news when we see the difficulty of Polish Maciej Madej’s complete loss of confidence.

For the rest, the refueling coach can “invent” a system according to his formula to make up for the lack of reception level by changing the rotation position represented by Segarin in the event of Morgado being sent off.

“I hope this cup win gives us the extra confidence we need after being disappointed with Avignon. Nothing is perfect, but I’ve noticed that these guys will be especially responsive. They Also respecting the game plan well, in a debate the intensity will be different from what is usually observed in tournaments. We will now see if this ray of sunshine produces an improvement. Even with our apprehensions, we tonight must also make a good copy of the opponent (Not as dashing as the end of the year, editor’s note) Can’t forget who we got revenge on compared to the first round. »

Seeing smiles back on some faces seemed to give the troops the necessary boost to morale anyway, and they were able to visit four classes at the Cannes school for two hours the next day.

Moments shared with children are always appreciated and most importantly reassuring.

At 8pm, Pierre Ratte, Palace of Sport, is arbitrated by MM Petitjean and Hepp GFC Ajaccio: 4. Morrachini, 13. Roulleau, 6. Lacassie (cap), 5. Miseikis, 11. Roatta, 10. Segalin. Freeman: 3. Carreno Subs: 9. Madej, 14. Carabali, 7. Nagels, 15. Morgado. Coaches: Frédéric Ferrandez Saint-Quentin: 16. Mourier, 9. Petkov, 15. Bernard, 3. De Pinho, 7. Weidner, 11. Kronthaler. Freeman: 10. Ruiz. Substitutes: 4. Dorado, 13. Soltin, 2. Cerro, 12. Claire.Coach: Dallo Duric

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