volleyball. Lonez Club has not climbed this season?

Loñez players redefine their goals.
The players of Lognes (Seine-et-Marne) redefine their goals. (©USLVB)

December 19, Christmascoach Logans Volleyballannounced targeting the rise of Nation 2, after meeting win Saint Jean de Bray (3-0).Opposition despite complex post-truce schedule CNM-Charenton, Western Sports ClubSt Avertin Sports and Circles Jules Ferry FleuryUSLVB players maintain their intention to join N2.

In the end, their results were insufficient. With one win and three losses, Lognots’ hopes were gradually lost. Richard Nanny, the center of the USLVB, takes stock of where his team will be in early 2022. maintain.

information: You start 2022 with two consecutive wins against Charenton-le-Pont (2-3) and Angers (0-3). How do you explain these failures?

Richard Nanny: really. It was two failures, and moreover, it marked a collective failure. I think more specifically of the game against Charenton-le-Pont. Although the game started well, we didn’t follow through. It is reflected in every aspect of our game. We all made mistakes, including me. The opponent took the opportunity to double down and killed our game, for our game against Angers, we didn’t have a chance to play our strengths, the defeat against Charenton really existed in one of our corners, especially mine! While obviously every game is different, the most important thing is to learn from our mistakes to avoid repeating them. We just weren’t as good as we wanted to be.

On February 13th, when we could have thought of a third straight loss, you played well against St. Avertin (3-1). What adjustments have been made to this meeting?

NR: We are in better shape physically and mentally. Before the game, we had a brief debrief from our coach and player, Antonin Parain. The presentation focused on three points: no frustration, everyone takes responsibility for their actions, and have fun! There are no real tweaks to this game. The fact that he was playing at home with his public and the reduction of individual mistakes were factors in our favor. Our aggressiveness and desire to surpass ourselves have been the trump card of it all.

After Saint-Avertin, you lost to Cercle Jules Ferry (1-3), another direct competitor on the climb. Does your current position worry about your promotion to National 2?

NR: Indeed, more than disturbing. Our position no longer allowed us to enter the climb, at least not immediately. We can never avoid surprises, but we’re used to the idea that N2’s up is for next season!

How will you handle the rest of the season?

NR: We have a chance to discuss it. After this season, we will continue to develop our playing style and strengthen our various skills in preparation for the next season. We do not give up! far from there.

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