Volleyball: MHSC-VB withdraws from Euros, President Kelar’s explanation

After the club’s official announcement of the round of 16 match against Kemeruvo (Russia), MHSC-VB President Jean Charles Caylar wanted to explain the situation…

“From the beginning of December, the whole situation started to get more complicated. We found two injuries and four cases of Covid-19 in mid-December, which led us to cancel the match against Paris on December 18. And A mid-season break, but the game against Turcon on December 29 was also postponed. When the affected players started to return, we had staff who tested positive. Then we had to be between the 25th and the 31st The decision to participate will be in the CEV Cup against Kemeruvo on January 12th and 19th.

“The trip to Russia took 20 hours, 20 hours back, it was too complicated with us with the players and staff, this decision was made with the unanimous consent of the board. I worry a lot, the players are club employees and I don’t want to put them at risk. The same goes for the opponents, we are also looking at ourselves and others in this complex situation.

“It is no coincidence that our Covid cases came after we had returned from Athens. At airports, population mixing is sometimes difficult to control, and if we look at events in chronological order, it is not easy. We have discussed with CEV to propose The solution was to first push the games back to February and create a healthy bubble by holding a mini-tournament to set deadlines for a few games a week, as we did last year.

“Unfortunately, CEV replied to us that it was not possible to revise the calendar decided in May 2021. Faced with no other option, we reluctantly decided to forgo the CEV Cup. It’s a shame because I think we have what it takes to be great this year in terms of sport. things, but this could be a more complicated year than the year before. covid.

“That’s it, we’ll try again next season. Right now, we have champions in our hearts. The players just moved to Poitiers for nothing, because Poitiers also had Covid-19 cases, so we have a third game. Postponed until Platoon. We’re going to have to put a meeting in the upcoming calendar. It’s been more than 15 days since the players played and they’re not machines. We have to be careful, I don’t know how things will change in the coming weeks. Whatever It’s the future of the game, our fans, the situation in France… all of this worries me very much and I sincerely hope that things will improve. The health crisis during this period is very complicated.”

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