Volleyball: Montpellier flies over Sete’s derby

Montpellier HSC VB faced no opposition, on Sunday 6 March at Ballou (0-3), against Allago Desset on the 24th day of the morning league.

It doesn’t last long. The Errodby between Sète and Montpellier, expected as it took both teams out of the top 5, didn’t really happen. The mistake of the Setouise team was a lack of energy due to an epidemic of bronchitis three days before the meeting.

data sheet

► Arago of Sett………… 0
► Montpellier …………….. 3

Balloo Hall
About 1100 spectators
Package Details: 22-25″ 27″, 18-25″ 27″, 13-25″ 22″.
referee: mm.Winegrowers and Corados

set up: 5 aces (Karlitzek 3), 33 winning attacks (Sclater 13), 5 counterattacks (Gauna 3), 16 unforced errors (including 10 conceded).
Six starts: Garcia (1 point), Scratcher (13 points), Picard (5 points, then Berriott 2), Kalitsk (12 points, then Ripert), Crick (6 points) ), Goana (4 points, then Mabiara).Freeman: Dwyze

Montpellier: 9 aces (Lazo 6), 37 winning attacks (Lazo 11), 13 counterattacks (Legoff 8), 10 unforced errors (including 6 conceded).
Six starts: J. Jimenez (3), Faure (12), Palacios (7), Lazo (17, then Gill), Demyanenko (6), Le Goff (14, then Lyneel). Freeman: A. Jimenez

only played the first set

Excited, in a packed Balloo Hall, Arago started the game in the right way, leading 6-4 after two counterattacks by Gaona. But Montpellier, with more legs, bounced back at 9-9 before hitting the big arm with Le Goff and Faure (9-12). The showdown continued until 17-17, with MHSC VB opting to raise the tone.On his only attack, Legoff thus twisted the game to 22-25.

The France international then caused considerable damage to the net, scoring his fifth block 12-13. The public soon lost the suspense as the Sétoise reception was not held. At 13-16, Lazzo went to serve, hit 3 aces and put his own aces into orbit (13-20).Thank you, good evening, Le Goff can do his work online again (18-25).

arago without juice

Sétois’ body language doesn’t lie. In pain, they saw Lazzo sign three new Aces and stumble on a block from Le Goff, who also added one (4-11).With no energy and no solution, the locals put their heads down (Demianenko hits a 10-21), allowing Palacios to finish the offense (13-25).

In the end, it’s not that bad. Better not prolong the fun (for some people).

Olivier Leichhardt’s reaction

The Montpellier coach can be happy with his troops at the end of the game. “We were well prepared for this game, we played well, just like in Poitiers, and I’m happy to have Legoff back and to be able to play in a standard formation. We’re starting to find some rhythm, which Not easy for us lately. As for the rankings, the goal is first and foremost to get into the playoffs healthy. If we can take care of our rankings to secure a place in Europe, that’s fine, but the most important idea is to start”

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