Volleyball: Montpellier v Arago derby without a set

MHSC-VB was held this Saturday (25-22/25-21/26-24) in Chaban-Delmas and the atmosphere was very good. Olivier Lecat’s men confirmed their hold on power.

Statistically at least, this derby is a very well-balanced match between two historic clubs in French volleyball.Residents of Montpellier and Setois did show Exactly the same balance sheet Before Day 6: Five games, three wins and two losses, 9 points each. The balance sheet has also been balanced over the past decade: both sides have ten victories each, but Montpellier has the clear advantage over the past few years.

Montpellier did not give up

The Setovas, on the other hand, were impeccable in their Baloo cauldron, but they had more difficulty leaving the base. This was confirmed on Saturday night despite good intentions and a very high level of action.Lost in tiebreaker because of Montpellier Chaumontapparently decided to send the wider public in Chaban-Delmas home as soon as possible.

Olivier Lecat’s men got off to a good start and managed almost flawlessly in the first set, but gave themselves a bit of a chill in the final third of the first round. Fueled by the many supporters of the excursion, Sète didn’t surprise one MSHC-VB who seemed to have the keys.Because of the perfect mastery money time.

No solution

The second round clearly learned its lesson. A perfect manager, Montpellier could return to the dressing room with two kits against Arago who needs a solution.

Day 6 of the tournament ended with a 3/0 defeat on Montpellier soil (25/22; 25/21; 26/24).

Next home game against Turcon on Friday the 12th! pic.twitter.com/Ne1LRMI9g8

— Aragosete (@aragodesete) November 6, 2021

Although Sclater was able to sting his former teammates at times, Sète never managed to get it under control.in with firepower MHSC-VB. Players from the capital of Eero continued to rise to the top of the rankings, while players from the exotic islands dropped a few units. But for the 1,742 spectators in attendance this Saturday night, the Hérault volleyball party was a blast.

Montpellier – Sète, relive the game here, live commentary by Palais des Sports Jacques Chaban Delmas:

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