Volleyball: Montpellier’s great ‘tour’

On day 21, the Montpellier residents prevailed over the leaders after a close race.

game table

Montpellier, 3 – Tours, 2.
Sports Palace Chaban-Delmas (Castelnau-le-Lez).
Package Details
: 18-25 inches at 25′; 24′ at 25-19; 25-21 at 29′; 23-25 ​​at 31′; 15′ at 15-9.
referee : mm. Guillet and wine growers.
audience : 1692.

  • Montpellier : 60 offense wins, 32 turnovers (including 17 serve), 3 A’s, 10 blocks. six starts : Gonzalez (4) then Gil, Demyanenko (7) then Krajkovic, Lazzo (19), Faure (15) then Cardan (1), Palaci Os (15) then Wall, Legoff (12). Free man : Gonzalez. Coach: Olivier Leichhardt.
  • tower : 56 offensive wins, 32 turnovers (including 19 serve), 4 A’s, 8 blocks. six starts : Graciano (20), dos Santos (7) then Baquet (8), Tilly (13), Teromenko (5) then Toledo (2), Palonsky (7) then Drouillon (2), Coric (4) and then Chauvin. Free man : Perry. Coach: Marcelo Francowiak.

Three days later, they gave the best answer. Stunned by Turcon (1-3) at home on Thursday, the players of Montpellier HSC-VB hung leaders Tour on their hunting boards. A real feat against Turango would ultimately see them cursed at the Herrault Stadium, where they conceded their only defeat so far this season against Set (3-0) in mid-December.

Led by a large group of men who came to Chaban-Delmas, Olivier Lecat’s men capitalized on the enthusiasm of their seventh man this time to keep abreast of the menacing telecaster from the start of the game. Nicolas LeGoff had a good run in the box (11-9) and launched the first resistance, but Palonski beat Faure (11-11) before slamming the first ace of the game (12) -14).

initially washed away by the waves

Before Tillie pushes his family to get ready in advance money time Group 1 (15-19).The blue and white waves could not be stopped, and the Errotays lost 18-25 in the first round go out by Legoff.

Frustrated and stinging like the Erotica, Theofreh started the debate in a better way than the first set, he didn’t miss a single duel, and then gave himself a powerful ace (9-6). Determined to maintain his lead, Javier Gonzalez feigned defense in the second ball (16-12) before blocking Palonski (18-13) on his own.

After becoming impassable, the Lecat players ended the second set in perfect fashion, answering the first set perfectly with a planted ball from Le Goff (25-19).

One-way tiebreaker

Although the debate was more balanced, Javier Gonzalez set an example again in the third set, earning valuable points and serving Palacios and Faure, the attackers making a full recovery. In the face of the unsuccessful Turango, in serve, especially in defensive blocks, Legoff once again completed the task in two stages (25-21).

Unstoppable midway through the fourth set, Le Goff once again allowed MHSC-VB to keep his crew on track.Before a sudden trend reversal and diagonal go out De Palacios didn’t extend the meeting until the tiebreaker (23-25). The tiebreaker ended up favoring Montpellier (15-9), who maintained their feat. The best answer is too.

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