Volleyball: Narbonne blames blow to Chaumont

After qualifying for the Challenge Cup final, Nabona volleyed past Chaumont 1-3 on the arena floor last night. It was a bad night for the Centurion, and in addition to the defeat, there was an injury to Nicholas Zeba.

Unfortunately, just like the first catch of the season (vs Tours, 0-3), Narbonne volleyed to lose the last catch of the regular season, against direct rivals Chaumont in the closing stages (1 -3). Chaumontais retaliated in the first leg, with Narbonnais winning 3-1 by the same score.

After Tuesday night’s Challenge Cup semi-final second leg, the Centurions struggled physically in the sixth set with a tired head. They were hit in this conflict with Chaumont. Rémi Bassereau is a bit unstable and can’t find the words: “Nothing worked tonight. I don’t really understand, our distribution, it’s weird. We shouldn’t have them back. » In the standings, Narbonne remains on the podium, tied with Seth (47 points), but the Errottese face Montpellier this Sunday.

Before the meeting, ten of Chaumont’s supporters made their voices heard, especially in the first passage of cheerleaders on the arena floor. If the atmosphere was much different from last Tuesday’s European night, the Centurion kicked off the session with a drum beat in the series serving Rafael Araujo (5-1). Narbonne dominated the debate in the first set (13-8, then 18-12). Facing the overwhelmed Chaumontes, Narbonne volleyed to win the first round 25-18.

Nicolas Zeba’s injury marks a turning point

Yes, but now, at the first point of the second set, Nicholas Zelba is still on the ground. The Argentine center complained about the ankle. A very important player in Narbonne’s system was injured and he had to be examined to diagnose the true nature of his injury. Suddenly, everything changed. Narbonne’s assistant coach highlighted this fact of the game: “Without the fact of the game, we don’t know what would have happened. It’s hard for us to re-mobilize. We haven’t really found the right formula without Zerba. Everyone should feel involved. He’s our team’s net guru . »

The group was different by not having the best Narbonnais interceptor, and Chaumont took advantage of these flaws. Chaumont took the set quickly (8-11, then 12-16). The tension between the players was palpable on the pitch. Still ahead on the scoreboard, the away team logically took the second set (22-25).

The third set started with a cross between the two teams (8-8). Level up a notch at this meeting. But then came the players in black (11-16). Narbonne was hit and suffered (13-21). NV found itself 2 sets ahead to 1 (14-25).

The fourth round didn’t start with the best sponsorship of Nabonay (3-6). The centurions did not give up, but they were attacked by Chaumontais (15-18). Narbonne bows to a promoted opposing team (19-25).

sequence of three long trips

The Centurions are under a lot of pressure and they will have to re-mobilize to finish fourth in the standings. The good news is that Narbonne will have a full week to prepare for their next championship game at Plessis Robinson (6pm Saturday). “We will be born again, work. We had a period of ecstasy and now we have to pick ourselves up again”said Tristan Martin.

The Centurion will then continue with the Challenge Cup in Ankara on Sunday 13 March (the first leg of the semi-finals at 7pm on 15 March) before a long trip to Ligue A unrivaled leaders Tour, the final regular stage one day. This team, like Narbonne, will face Monza (Italy) in the European final of the CEV Cup.

game sheet

Narbonne 1

Chaumont 3

In Narbonne (Arena). About 1300 spectators. Chaumont won 3-1 (25-18, 22-25, 14-25, 19-25).
arbitration MM. Corados and winemakers.

Narbonne: 3 aces (Araujo 1, Ramos 1, Jouffroy 1), 7 blocks (Araujo 3, Ramos 2, Verissimo 1, Uriarte 1), 42 attacks (Araujo 9, Zanotti 8, Bassereau 6, Uriarte 5, Ramos 5, Verisimo 4 , Zerba 2, Jouffroy 2, Bouguerra 1) and 17 service failures.
Six starts: Uriat (6 points), Barcelo (6 points), Zelba (2 points), Ramos (8 points), Araujo (13 points), Zanotti (block) (8 points) . Freeman: Douai and Durand.

Chaumont: 9 aces, 9 blocks, 47 offenses, 21 serve errors.
Six starts: Corey, Herrera, Plaque, Acio Banite, Alonso, Megarejo. Freeman: Massimino.

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