Volleyball: Narbonne recovers three points in A-League standings

On January 22, Narbonne lost 3-1 to Cannes at the Arena. But Riviera Labor’s violations were sanctioned by the LNV. As a result, the Centurion recovers 3 points in the standings and secures Narbonne’s future rivals Sète and Chaumont (Saturday at 8pm).

Three Ligue 1 games took place last night when Narbonne volleyed to secure a historic qualification for the Challenge Cup final. The two direct rivals in the Audois playoffs won on the road in the late game of the tournament. Montpellier beat Plessis Robinson 1-3, while Sett won by the same scoreline 3-1 at Cambrai. But Narbonne was already ecstatic following yesterday’s European night at the Arena on Wednesday morning, and Michel Mandrou’s team should be even more so with today’s announcement by the National Volleyball League.

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Three-point recovery, also waiting for the meeting against Montpellier

Cannes, struggling and in crisis since the start of the season, achieved a major winter transfer window. Coach change (Nikola Mattiasevich replaces Horacio Di Leo), two offseason recruits fired (German Fromm and Italian Nelli), Dec. 19-January Five new players (Cveticanin, Wendt, Jiménez, Batak, Penchev) were hired during the transfer on the 19th. On the arena floor on January 22, AS Cannes lined up three rookies and won over Nabonays during a less successful period. Colombian Jimenez even finished the MVP conference with 28 points.

But LNV checked the transfers and some of the Riviera players were unable to play at the Centurion Stadium that day. The decision fell through, and Narbonne won the volleyball match 3-0 to regain 3 points in the standings. It was a great move for Audois, who surpassed Montpellier and were on par with Sète and Chaumont (47). Those three teams are tied with Tour (52 points behind 3 games).

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It should be noted that Narbonne is still awaiting a decision on the meeting with Montpellier, which has been cancelled and whose centurion has been declared confiscated due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Then Nabang volleyed a three-pointer. An appeal filed by Jérémie Riborel’s club is still awaiting a ruling from the National Volleyball League. This will again be a three-pointer that could reach Nabone.

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