Volleyball: Paris, a big piece before the MHSC-VB truce

On the 13th and final day of 2021, Montpellier welcomes Paris in Chaban-Delmas at 8pm.

That’s it! After a relentless schedule of games played every three days, most of which are away games, Olivier Lecat and his men can breathe A period of time before the final duel of the first half of the season at home. “We’ve known for months that this time is going to be special, Olivier Lecat recalls. it is post-Olympic season So, taken together, we suspect it will be very difficult. We had good victories in the CEV Cup against Cannes, Cambrai, Nantes, Plessis and both games against Olympiacos. Unfortunately, I think we lacked freshness in Toulouse, we met a good team on the opposite side. “

more damage

In fact, at the end of this December’s marathon, Olivier Lecat’s team lost 0-3 to Spacer of former Montpellier resident Joachim Panou. This is not enough to pollute the copy, MHSC VB 5th remaining 24 points, not bad Glue to leading packaging AM League.

Given the obstacles created during this stressful time, I am very satisfied. “We had to leave Théo Faure, but Célestin Cardin took overexplained Coach Eero. We have Nicolas Le Goff with a thigh injury and survived the return game in Athens. Then, in this game, Julian Leichard was injured and will miss the rest of the season. It’s complicated. Suffice to say, if there’s another plug-in game next Tuesday, we’re not going to be in great shape!

Fortunately for them, this is not the case. mid-season break effective. But before that, we will have to welcome Paris Volleyball.

key to recovery

Currently seventh with 17 points, Dorian Rougeyron’s side are looking back at the end of the first part of the season and will be a major challenge ahead of the holiday. “It’s still Paris, an important part of this tournament, before a break. After Toulouse, we took two days off to recover and then started to prepare for the game. We hope to recover well and we will have a good result against Paris to stay connected at the top of the table. “

As last week, the AM League meeting on day 13 will be an opportunity for Montpellier residents to find home Benjamin Deez and Nicolas Mendes.

MHSC VB-Paris Volley, Saturday, December 18 at 8pm, Chaban-Delmas Coliseum.

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