Volleyball: Regional derby between Derby and Narbonne for podium

On Friday 18 February (7.30pm), Audois, the presumed title candidate, will visit Héraultais, a surprise for the season.

Occitania offers no less than 6 derbies in Ligue A every year. If sports interests are bound to change, the 2021-2022 fiscal year has been one of the greatest regional years in a long time.

Behind Tour, who was unmatched in the regular season, was actually pointing to Montpellier (43 points), followed by Arago de Sète and Narbonne (43 points). Narbonne) (41 points), both third, but a late match against Erotei. The two formations that will meet precisely in a hall in Barrou on Friday 18 February (7.30pm) should be sold out.

Kalicek, Nuggets

The dynamics of the moment have not been best known this season on Set’s side, but Alago remains one of the toughest teams to beat at home. At the beginning of the season, when Patrick Duflos relied on a “veteran” passer who had never played in Ligue 1, the Argentine Cilivino and the German who lacked minutes in Modena (Italy), Moritz When Karllicek, one might wonder if this bet will be a winner.

But “The Witcher” has his recipes, and they work. So, after some indecision at the beginning, the Arago team managed to win ten straight between November 12th and January 15th and even managed to climb to the top of the provisional rankings.

Sete returns to the French volleyball map

A boom period that brought Sete back to French volleyball, during which Moritz Kalicek’s talent and explosiveness came to the fore in Serie A and far surpassed… The leader was charismatic, even if The Sète group isn’t just about him (the Parisians wouldn’t say the opposite after being sent back to their studies ten days ago, while the Germans, recovering, are glued to the bench), he’s a democrat. His prolonged absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic coincided with the turbulent area the Arago had just passed through. Well, he’ll be in the derby and he’s clearly at 100% fitness.

More than one Narbonne candidate

It will require playing against a team from Narbonne who are also marking time. After eight wins from nine games, the Centurions fully established themselves as the team they had come all the way, losing to Turquin, who had just doubled their lead. It’s been a season of vagaries, but Narbonne remains a candidate for the title.

Even in a couple of ways, as Audois will play in the first leg of the Challenge Cup semi-final in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on February 23rd…

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