Volleyball rush, Sens’ pitchers, AJA’s youngsters: Here are the main games this weekend at Yonne

This Saturday night will take on Sens and Istres at the top level: this is the Sénonaises’ final meeting in the regular stage of the Women’s Elite Championship. Their goal is still to finish in one of the top three spots, which is synonymous with play-offs.

Sens’ long distance throwing sessions and AJ AJ Auxerre’s young nationals (U19 and U17) will also be played on both days.

Saturday 19 February

sports. Long throwing session with hammer (11am), javelin (noon) and discus (1pm) at Claude Pitou Stadium in Sens.

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football. U17 Nationals (Day 14): AJ Auxerre – Besançon Racing. Abbé-Deschamps Stadium, new synthetic pitch, 4 p.m.

volleyball. Women’s Classic (Last day of regular season): Sens Volley 89 – Istres Provence Volley. Saturday at the Roger-Breton complex in Sens at 8pm.

Sunday, February 20

football. U19 Nationals (Day 16): AJ Auxerre – Clermont Foot 63, 2.30pm, Annex 1 at Abbé-Deschamps Stadium.

Burgundy-Franche-Comté Cup (Final 32): Cerisiers (Region 3) – Paron FC (Nation 3) at 2:30pm at the Jean-Paquet Stadium.

Stade Auxerrois (R1) – FC Sens (R1) at 2:30pm at Stade de l’Arbre-Sec.

football. Promotion of Honours (Day 12): Migennes – Rugby Toucy Puisaye Forterre, 3pm Sunday at the Lucien-Masson Stadium in Migennes.

Third round series (Day 3): RC Ordon – RC Saint-Firmin Saint-Sernin Le Breuil, Sunday at 3pm at the Municipal Stadium of Saint-Martin-d’Ordon.

Series 4 (Day 3): Châtillon Tonnerre Avallon – AS Vauzelles, Sunday at 3pm at the Léon-Laurent Stadium in Avallon.

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