Volleyball: Spring Flavor at CVB 52 HM

Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne will travel to Narbonne on Saturday 5th March for its first full rehearsal. Facing one of his rivals for the top spot, Cévébistes will experience an important deadline coming next spring.

Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne are preparing to face a confident side from Narbonne this Saturday (5 March).Qualifying for the Challenge Cup final since mid-week and beneficiary of three points on the ‘green carpet’ following Cannes sanctions (Read our March 3rd edition), Audois benefits from the most favorable planetary alignment. Now back at the Cévébistes level in the standings, they are thus back in the race for the coveted second place. This weekend, they might even have a solid pick a stone’s throw from the regular-season finish. Especially since all this good news is combined with the return of the full workforce, who has been amputated for a long time, especially by his Argentina captain Zanotti. And even if Sylvano Prandi, the head coach of Upper Marnai, didn’t want to rely on these external conditions to hold his people’s game, the Italian couldn’t help but notice how his future opponents performed on stage. “I really congratulate Narbonne and the clubs of Tours for their intercontinental results. It’s really a very beautiful thing for French volleyball. Tours has had an extraordinary career, but Narbonne, who is discovering the European Cup, has also achieved a great achievement. »

However, for this Saturday night’s confrontation, the Chaumont technician was quick to return to the reality of himself and his team. “I have three weeks to go into the next phase, which is the French Cup, which remains the primary goal of the season. Three weeks to work again with the team and arrive as efficiently as possible within the expected deadline. »

Chaumontais and Narbonnais sharpen their weapons

The right to err in these direct knockout games that would dominate the French Cup and the “play-offs” has been greatly diminished or even non-existent.

So on the Arena Narbonne side this weekend, the CVB 52 will be measured against an excellent opponent who, in the eyes of Silvano Prandi, combines all the parameters needed to go further in the race. “Overall, they showed a very good balance in all aspects of the game, whether it was serving, blocking or defending. Don’t forget their attacking efficiency, which, for me, determines the quality of a team. »

A solid team must be guided by its individual leaders, Uriarte, its passer-by, “of a very high level”, its reception line directed by Captain Zanotti, “who tells about his experiences”, and the central Zerba and the young Rémi Bassereau Wait for some revelation, “The “gold nugget” of this training.”

Strong enough to attack the final stretch of the regular season, even for their part, the Cévévistes are currently not lacking in contention. Raphaël Corre and his teammates are still on a six-game winning streak, including the last three wins in eight days.

A date, already anticipating the taste of the duel that awaits two formations in weeks, without having to bear the pressure that will be attached. Enough to provide quality performances to the public in the arena, which has been spoiled in recent days.

Laurent Jenin



Narbonne Volleyball

  1. 1. Domenech Tous, 2. Mahieux, 3. Bassereau, 4. Socie, 5. Uriarte, 6. Jouffroy, 7. Verissimo, 8. Gabin, 9. Bougherra, 10. Durand, 11. Zerba, 15. Faganas, 16 Duée (lib.), 17. Zanotti (cap.), 18. Ramos, 20. Rodrigues de Araujo.
    Coach: Guillermo Farasca.
  2. Chaumont VB 52 on Marne
  3. 1. Gutierrez, 2. Mergarejo, 4. Gueye, 5. Laumon, 6. Corre (cap.), 7. Birch (lib.), 8. Plak, 10. Aciobanitei, 12. Herrera, 14. Da Silva, 15 Roatta, 17. Alonso, 19. Massimino (lib.).
    Coach: Silvano Prandi.

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