volleyball. Team Lognes knocks down the team leader

Loñez created a surprise against Saint-Avertin.
Loñez created a surprise against Saint-Avertin. (© Lamarne)

After losing two of their last two league games Charenton Le Pen (2-3) and Angers (0-3), many are those who propose new failures Union Sportive de Lognes Volleyball Compared St. Avertinwho won the first leg (1-3).

Sunday 13 February 2022 in Nations 3 against Group E leaders, Lognots but impose on oneself 3 groups are 1 group.

Lonez grabs the first set

After a very good start to the game, Loñez saw his opponent come back dangerously, then widened the gap with a strong moment after Richard Nonu’s serve. Saint-Avertin manages to equalise after missing lognot before taking advantage Adrian Moreira and a point Thibaut Barre.

The visitors think they are doing the hardest part by making a breakthrough after an attacking error Antonin Palan But in turn, Loñez equalised after a devastating counter-attack Hugo Guinard.

At 24-24, the USLVB collectively came out on top.on receiving Kevin Tuley, Mustapha Achuri Perfect service John Ceres Ended with a victory smash. On the first ball of the first set, John Ceres stood up again to give his team the advantage.

USLVB rests at end of game

Senna-Manet can count on mischief in the second set where both teams failed to lead by more than two points Antoine Allamagot. The passer lognot did pass the first ball of the second set to his team, after a ball was placed in the left corner of the opposing court.

After missing the first set point, Hugo Gignard gave Lonez the advantage with a smash. The locals then cut the score to two sets through John Ceres, served by Antoine Alamargot, precious at the end of the second set (27-25).

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St. Avertine Alert Loñez

Although Loñez thought he would win the third set and the game with a 14-10 lead after the smash Alexander CamilleSaint-Avertin did not give up, gradually joining the locals (20-20) on the scoreboard.

Although Richard Nounou scored three points for his club, he missed their first match point 24-23. Seine-et-Marnais lost the fourth round after an offensive turnover from John Ceres (24-26).

Exemplary fourth group

With Saint-Avertinoise down, the USLVB players must have thought of the comeback against Charenton-le-Pont, which had previously lost by two sets. (Disc 5 13-15).

Not wanting to repeat the same mistakes, the locals took advantage of the failed service in the first place Emile Raymond Then lock points from Hugo Guignard’s face-off. Leading throughout the fourth set, the Lognots relied on their attackers Johan Seres and Hugo Guignard to seal the victory. In the final blow of John Ceres, Camille Herrault Missed his reception, which was synonymous with a victory for Loñez (25-20).

With this victory over St. Avertin, top of the standings (27 points), Loñez solidifies his the fifth place 3 with 25 points in the country. Seine-et-Marnais will travel to Fleury-les-Aubrais on 20 February to face Circle Jules Ferry Fleury (3and26 points).

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