Volleyball – Val-de-Travers coach suspended for ‘attack on mental integrity’


Luiz Souza will not be able to lead his team during the women’s LNA game.His investigation was carried out by Swiss Sports Integrity.

Luiz Souza, a coach who is talking about him.

Luiz Souza, a coach who is talking about him.

Tamedia/BZ/Andreas Blatter

Radio Neuchâtel disclosed the case live network This Friday morning. Val-de-Travers women’s LNA coach Luiz Souza has been suspended Swiss Sports Integrity, He is suing him for “damaging mental integrity”. Several reprimands have been made against the Neuchâtel coach. However, he was officially suspended due to the presumption of innocence.

condemned many times Swiss Sports Integrity, Swiss Sport’s reporting and investigation service, in the period 2021-2022, on the behaviour of coaches. On Thursday, an email announcing the start of the investigation was sent to Swiss volleyball, as well as members of the club and the Val-de-Travers first team.

Reached by phone, Wallonier Club president Joëlle Roy did not want to make an official decision, while regretting what was happening. “Officially, we are waiting for the investigation to conclude before making a statement,” she explained. Luiz Souza has been suspended, but that doesn’t change anything: he’s been off work since last Monday and won’t be able to coach the team this weekend and the next anyway. When the opportunity came, it fell. “Valtra” will start their game against Toggenburg on Saturday (5.30pm) and will be coached by current VBC La Suze (League 1) coach Romeu Filho in this situation.

“Aggressive, even insulting”

According to several testimonies from club members, the Brazilian coach was “often aggressive” and even “insulting” to players and volleyball staff.

This isn’t the first time the Val-de-Travers coach has made headlines: nearly all of his staff were fired over an internal dispute two years ago.

However, for the presumption of innocence, Luiz Souza remains, although his suspension is official.he explained live network There was no “direct insult” to the player, but admitted to “reacting impulsively during the game” at certain stages of the game. He also believes that his players “always have the opportunity to discuss with him”, while adding that “the atmosphere inside the team is good, despite the different roles”.

Swiss Sports Integrity Confirmation

Ethics Officer and Swiss Sports Integrity, operating under the auspices of the Swiss Olympics, Markus Pfisterer confirmed the opening of the program…but can’t say much more. He explained: “I can confirm that an investigation has been launched and it is important to us to clarify the requests we received. They came from several people, but I will not tell you who these people are. Now, I cannot tell you whether this process will last for two years. , three, four weeks or more. We will take the time to clarify the situation.”

Meanwhile, Luiz Souza will continue to be suspended…or take sick leave.

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