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    Women’s Classic (Phase 1)

  • 1. A coherent and united collective, but lacking a bench
  • Quimper coach François-Xavier Cannon, recruited in the offseason, managed to build a coherent, serious and seemingly united collective in a short period of time. Unlike previous years, this group is living well. But in the face of increasing competition each season, those qualities alone are not enough to qualify for the playoffs.

    In order to finish in the top three, Quimper lacks a bench in the defensive area, but he also lacks the weapons to finish at the net. At an approximate reception, the involvement of the centre-forward is not always credible, and the winger who is excellent at short distances but lacks strength against the blocks formed, Quimper cannot maintain true consistency, but this That doesn’t detract from its merits. A team of established strength is not built in a few months.

  • 2. False success
  • The success at home against three qualifying clubs may have obscured some realities. Haynes was beaten 3-0 and moved to Quimper without his passer and his pointy holder. Also beaten 3-0, Saint-Dié-les-Vosges dominated the first set (11-18), before losing the match thanks to the outstanding success of Nette Peit and Marième Diagne, which was in volleyball happens sometimes. As for the current leader, Mu Ran, who also swept his opponent 3-0, he undoubtedly committed the crime of Brittany’s pride.

    In return, Quimper Volley 29 received its own coins for games against all three teams.

  • 3. Too weak and weak
  • The strong and the strong, the weak and the weak. Here’s a wrap-up of the first phase of the Quimper Volley 29 controversy.

    Against the three teams that advanced to the play-offs, Finistere’s record was comparable. If we take into account the results achieved between these four teams, and on the last day of the first period, there is still a game to be played between Mougins and Saint-Diere, with Quimper tied with Mougins and Hanes (9) points, ahead of Saint-Dié with just six.

    Quimpéroises, on the other hand, have lost too many points (seven points) away from teams in the second part of the standings, including two 3-1 losses at Saint-Laurent-du-Var, with absentees, And the other game in Monaco is harder to explain. They also lost their attacking bonus when Clamart led 2-1.

    In the end, these seven points weigh a lot. They spent qualifying in the play-offs.

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