Volleyball: Will Arago continue his series against Desperate Cannes?

Sétois will play Ligue A’s final game on Wednesday 29 December at 8pm.

The Christmas break doesn’t even happen…this Christmas it’s Seth volleyball players. The day after the victory over Chaumont, they were actually entitled to return to work four days earlier.

crazy team and public

Given Arago’s current dynamics, that’s probably not bad. “We’ve just had three quality games,” Patrick Duflois confirmed. “In Chaumont’s game, there was everything, desire, control, calm and success. We hated them. We knew they weren’t in good health, but we didn’t help them get sugar-coated again… On top of that, the audience was going crazy. “

During games and even after games, it does. With Pena in extra time, the impression emerged that no one wanted it to end​​​. “Everyone has a sense of ecstasy, especially since we have four more days left. No one wants to leave!”

the importance of details

All the symptoms of a perfectly healthy team. “The order of the wins (Editor’s note: seven in a row) and the quality of the games provided a huge amount of confidence. In training, everyone had bananas, there were fights, there were good opponents. We improved a lot” These little details don’t Must be visible, but will change a lot of things. This allows us to get out of complex situations, such as in the first and third sets against Tours. “

Cannesians seek revival

So, inevitably, on paper, this Wednesday’s opposition didn’t announce any good news for the final Cannes classification, against a Sette team that launched like a rocket. But Patrick Duflois is not one to brag. “They’re dangerous because they have nothing to lose. Of course, they’re in pain, but with this small cut, maybe, the release is to be expected.”

So distrust, especially after breaking the contracts of Fromm and Nelli, Cannes had just recruited 22-year-old Serbian smuggler Alexa Batak, as well as the sharp-edged 22-year-old who was passed by Chaumont and Turcon. Colombian Ronald Jimenez. Only the smugglers are eligible for tomorrow’s game, and if Gelinski comes back, he can. But the time seems to be on the Côte d’Azur again, and as Patrick Duflois points out, “the biggest pitfall is believing that we will win without playing. You have to be prepared to play a tough game.”

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