We ate for you… “Rugby World Cup 15”, the official video game of the World Cup

Rugby World Cup 2015 is

“Mash, this is a really dirty play!” ». The note came from the heart without warning. Thibaut, a chef in civilian life and sparring partner Sofa this afternoon of playing, yet remember you’ve already played 2011 Rugby World Cupfour years ago, the last official World Cup match in Ovalie. “But here, I think it is worse.”

Rugby World Cup 15released on September 4 on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, as well as PS Vita and PC, belongs to that old category of video games whose commercial life rarely has more than three options: Today, at the end of a career in used game crates, it sells for €5, or at best, on the YouTube channel of a grumpy old gamer, delighted to get on his nerves, like “Angry Videogame Nerd” or “The Attic Player”.

Confusing gameplay, low quality visuals, computer problems of all kinds... Rugby World Cup 2015 is a mission in the middle of the September sports simulation, like FIFA 16 or NBA 2K16.

It has to be said that the list of grievances fills up quickly: on PS4 the visuals are not worthy of a new generation of console, virtual rugby players look more like match-installed color wash packages than 21st century athletes.And the A century, they run on the ground like miniature trolleys under hallucinogenic substances, or on the contrary remain frozen for long seconds in the middle of a gesture, as if they were seized by a computer spasm. The game is a tragic festival of technical imbalances, where players falter, shake or freeze every match. Rugby World Cup 2015 Bugs pass over drips.

Stick to the sport

Why this fiasco? There is an old saying that bad games are the fault of lazy developers. The truth is often unfortunately mathematical. It’s paired with a deadline – it’s impossible to miss the start of the competition, even if the game doesn’t finish right – and a budget that matches the sales potential: For comparison, the 2010 World Cup drew 28 million viewers, compared to 4 million at the 2011 Rugby World Cup. The result, a far cry about hockey NHL 16 sanded season after season for North America, or a FIFA 16 able to sell 2 million copies in Europe alone, Rugby World Cup 16 It feels like an underfunded project, built using bits of thread, and surprisingly Sony and Microsoft have accepted marketing.

Let’s Be Merciful: The contact sport par excellence, rugby is one of the toughest controls to adapt to a video game. It would require a lot of meticulous animation and intricate transcription of the laws of physics, which obviously Rugby World Cup 2015 money saved. Rarely adapted to video games, it is a rich and complex sport, with radically different gameplay stages (attack, defense, on the ground, on foot, engagement range, etc.), and more confusing to learn. In the game, the series of illustrated pages at the beginning of the game amazes more than it sets the ground.

Fun on his account

However, Big Ben Interactive is fun at times – although it’s true that there’s more fun at its expense than it does. Aside from its thousand and one technical problems and frustrating visual paint, it brings back rugby somewhat certain to play, made up of somewhat chaotic twists, demon Tense and unlikely breakouts. Nothing allows us to talk about “simulation” in the strict sense of the word.

The main quality of the game: The stages and rhythm of the rugby match are well reconstructed.  But the technical perception and behavior of the players leave much to be desired.

The pleasure of playing, if any, is more comparable to video games 2002 FIFA World Cup, from the time when reference football simulations are now famous for their frenetic matches, unbridled rhythm, and “potatoes” that, without much concern for realism, would have distorted poorly modeled networks by any means. But at around €60 for a PlayStation 2 worthy gaming experience, the official World Cup simulation is well worth tackling the cathedral.


we loved

  • The different stages of the game have been well reconstructed
  • Emotional comments from Eric Bale and Thomas Lombard
  • It looks a bit like rugby
  • Nice main menu

We loved less

  • cascading bugs
  • hunger animation
  • Feels like playing a PlayStation 2 game
  • The demon Unplayable in hard mode
  • lack of content
  • No slow motion from different angles

It’s more for you then

  • You love rugby (but really)
  • You feel nostalgic about games finished in a hurry
  • You have a family in Bigben Interactive
  • You have a YouTube channel about unintentionally funny video games

Not yours if

  • You are planning to buy a good game

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