“We have a European fabric team, this is my dream team”, says Tour volleyball president happily

Five years after the last European title, which had already won the CEV Cup in 2017, the volleyball players from Tours are still hours away from the new European final. But for this, It is necessary to beat the Poles in Belchatow this Wednesday nightwon the tiebreaker in the first round.

If TVB wins 3-0 or 3-1 tonight, qualification will be in the pocket. On the other hand, in the event of a 3-2 win, a set of gold must be played (sixth set out of 15).

The ticket office is breached and we could easily be short of 1000 to 1500 seats – Bruno Poilpré, president of TVB

“Like on TVB’s big night, the Grenon room will be full. There isn’t a single place available”Club President Bruno Poilpré was enthusiastic. “We’ve never seen the ticket office swept up by a storm. We should expand the wall a bit. I’m taking this opportunity to send a message to our community because if we continue down this path, we’ll easily miss 1,000 to 1,500 places “.

“Our players are in great shape physically and mentally. We have leaders in the group, we have a great free agent, an amazing passer. Yes, we have a European team. Call it that. For the Dream Team, because it’s not a collective individual, but it’s a real collective that can take over the bench at any time.”

In my opinion, our record is not far from PSG in football – Bruno Poilpré

“Our results are at the level of the biggest clubs in Europe. I don’t think our football record is too far from that of Paris Saint-Germain. And our budget is not big, with a budget of 2 million euros. In comparison, Russia in Kazan People (excluded from the competition) have a budget of 10 to 12 million euros”.

TVB-Belchatow, 8 p.m. tee off at Grenon Hall. Conference broadcasts on French free sports channels. If successful, Turango will face Monza in the final. The Russians have been excluded from Kazan after the Ukraine conflict and the Italians have already qualified.

Thoughts for Ukrainian TVB player Dmitro Teyomenko whose wife stays in Kharkiv

We don’t know if Dmytro Teryomenko can keep his spot tonight. We can obviously understand that the Ukrainian TVB player’s first thought was his country at war, his family. “It was very difficult for him, especially since his wife was in Kharkiv (where the fighting was raging). She was a doctor and like many people, she was hiding in the basement of the city, there were 200 to 300 People. I have someone for his family, for his wife. For himself, of course, we have our full support.”

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