‘We have no wiggle room’

Wren – Big Nancy

8pm this Saturday.

Big Nancy volleyball is sure to take second place in the general classification with a Mende (3-1) win to start the week. That’s at least the view of Eric Ngapeth, who didn’t see Saint-Quentin (third with 10) complain about politeness at the GNVB’s finish. “Of course everything is possible mathematically”, agrees Pépète.

“However, I don’t think we will lose at home to Avignon and France Avenir 2024. From now on we will play the last game of the regular season without any pressure, but for training and before the play-offs start Progress. “

Because indeed, if the French-Cameroonian strategist is first and foremost satisfied with the 12th victory his players have collected at the Lozère, then he wants to be more critical of the approach. “There’s really a lot to be said about content,” Eric Ngapeth said. “At Mende we are hot. We have already averaged against Martig.”

too impetuous

However, before taking a huge blow in the next round, GNVB had a clear advantage in the first set each time. The scene was also recreated last weekend at the home in front of Porte Saint-Quentin. “This inconsistency has been around since the start of the season,” Eric Ngapeth explained. “We don’t have wiggle room against our opponents. It’s a flaw in my team’s DNA. We’re very lacking in barkers on the ground. Both Robert (Wilber) and Victor (Rodriguez) are very young internationals. As for the seasoned Matej (Patak), he doesn’t have that character trait”.

Does this mean that GNVB will have to constantly ride roller coasters and play with fire? “We missed a reference game,” Coach Nancy interrupted. “Even in the first act in San Quentin (successful 3-0), we didn’t fully control the debate. »

Eric Ngapeth’s observations are clear and he continues to remind his disciples. “If we continue like this, we will inevitably have an accident in the quarter-finals of the play-offs!”, he warned. “We absolutely have to work to improve our game even further.” Suffice to say, Pepeter has high hopes for his unit, and the promoted Brittany is currently in the qualifying stage – closed (ninth).

Grand Nancy: D’Almeida, Beneix (lib.), Rodriguez, Patak, Josserand, Mocanu, Traoré, Viiber, Chirchir, Levasseur, Louvet, Grelot.

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