“We have weapons, even without Nikolai Karabatic”

Télé Loisirs: Didier Dinart, all the players were satisfied in preparation for the match. Is choice hard to define?

Didier Dinet: The choice isn’t easy, especially when it comes to pivots and lefties.we eventually discard Nicholas Turneras a fulcrum, the offense is very efficient, but the defense is not very comfortable…a difficult choice, like not choosing Raphael Coshet and D’Olivier Neocas. There are bound to be association issues, especially on defense. Matthew GraybierThe former right-back turned winger, for example, is interesting because of his defensive versatility in both positions. However, we have 17 players on our roster and in the end we will keep 16. Therefore, we have to exclude the last blue team before the game starts.

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Nikola Karabatic, who had foot surgery in October, is not on your list. What are the chances of him joining the group during the game and what is the organization in his absence?

Nikola Karabatic Still in the recovery phase. It’s going well, but the truth is he hasn’t played in three months. Aside from his current form, he won’t be coming to France without the club’s consent, which will put him to the test. Therefore, we provide advice during the game based on the team’s performance. I’m sure our players will organize in his absence and find solutions, especially on offense. His return to form is bound to be an advantage, but I believe we have the weapons to go a long way in this game even without him.

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How to coordinate fitness levels knowing that some players play a lot at clubs like Nedim Ramili while others, such as michael pugnot necessarily held every weekend?

The 2019 Handball World Cup will be a long and intense competition. The winning team will play 10 games in 17 days. In addition, the distribution of the game is special, 4 games in 5 days, and only 1 recovery day. So the tempo will be fast and the fatigue level will have to be controlled, perhaps by letting the internationals who are not always the club’s starters play more. Well, we can also look at it from another angle: the game starts so densely that it will give us an idea of ​​where we are. The friendly against Slovenia was encouraging, but nothing can replace the truth of the game.

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