“We’re going through the worst time of our lives,” said Ukrainian VNVB player Diana Frankevych

How can you continue to do your work as a high-level female athlete when your mind and heart are at war in your country?This is the predicament Ukrainian Vandoeuvre receiver/forward Nancy Volley Ball Diana Frankevych, on the pitch during the VNVB’s victory over France’s Avenir 2024 (2-3) this Saturday night. Diana Frankevych has followed from a distance as she agrees to speak out about this horrific period for her country.

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France Bleu Sud Lorraine: “How are you?”

Diana Frankovich: “Me and all Ukrainians are living the worst time of our lives right now. This should not happen in the 21st century. Ukraine and its people never wanted war. We are a peaceful people, but Unfortunately, this is not what the Russian authorities believe, who have waged an information war against Ukraine, showing disinformation. I am truly hurt and saddened by this injustice.

The Russian president explained that he was not targeting civilians or apartment buildings, but how to explain that some residents no longer own their homes? […] Putin wants to divide Ukrainians, and he brought us together I’m so proud of all who fought and our president as a leader and hero. On my level, along with my husband, we try to be financially involved in helping the military and war victims, and then deliver verified messages on social networks and on TV about the ongoing war in Russia.

How do you follow events?

“I only follow reliable sources, I keep in touch with my family I then forward the verified information on social networks so that people in other countries can see what’s going on at home […] I want to thank all the countries that supported us and were not afraid to show themselves side by side with Ukraine. We need European action, NATO help to protect the skies in Ukraine, because many of the Russian attacks come from the air. Economic pressure must be as great as possible. Funds are needed to rebuild infrastructure destroyed by war. “

My head and my heart are in Ukraine”

Do you have news from your family? Will she join you?

“My family lives in the city of Vinista (the country’s mid-west). At the moment, it’s relatively calm compared to other cities that have become centers of Russian attacks (like Kiev or Kharkiv), but everything could be soon change. My family was not warned to join us immediately. My father joined the defense of our city and he was ready to help the army. My relatives, like me, want to live in Ukraine. I love my country, the people of Ukraine. I pray and hope this is over soon and I see my family safe and sound. “

Is it complicated to focus on volleyball in this situation?

“It’s hard to focus on volleyball at the moment. Like it or not, you’re thinking about the war, the health of your loved ones, and the health of all Ukrainians. I am safe here, but my head and my heart are in Ukraine. But I’m a professional athlete, it’s my job, and I have to help my team and do what people expect from me. I would also like to thank the club, the support of the supporters and my teammates in this situation. This is very important and I really appreciate it. “

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