“We’re way better than the Warriors of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant”

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have won a double together, leading a team that is absolutely unprecedented for Golden State. However, an NBA champion thinks he and his team are better…it must be said that they are one of the few who beat them!

In the biggest turning point of the past decade, the signing Kevin Durant The 2016 game with the Warriors was the most memorable. The wing arrived at the bay in fairly stormy conditions, however, allowing the Californians to bounce back after a 4-3 loss to Cleveland.thank him and Stephen Currythey played three more finals, won the first two and established themselves as an absolutely unstoppable machine.

However, that success came to an end in the 2018-19 season, when the Raptors beat them in six games to win their first championship in their history. Remembering Klay Thompson, of course, and KD finding themselves in the infirmary during this series…but according to Fred VanVleet, who was already with the Canadians at the time, that wouldn’t change anything.in an interview Draymond Greenthe new All-Star did drop the following bomb:

Fred VanVleet’s cash for the 2018-19 Raptors

We feel like we’re a much better team than you guys because we have depth and we can hold on to certain matchups and some of the guys you’ve played in that time, we’re not used to seeing them in the Warriors Dynasty period.

In a specific case, we have something we are looking for. But who knows, no one will know. You could argue about it for a lifetime.

That’s a pretty bold statement, especially since many believe Golden State should win with its full roster. If Thompson and Durant weren’t injured, Steve Kerr’s men would indeed be in very different shape.

However, we can’t attribute that year’s Dinos to the presence of Kawhi Leonard, who capitalized on a stellar season. With a double MVP in the Finals and hungry veterans like Marc Gasol, Kyle Lowry or Serge Ibaka, the Toronto team totally deserved the crown and took the chance. Then with ifs, we can reshape the world…

By the way, Fred VanVleet allowed himself to play in front of Warriors dynasty member Draymond Green. History will remember that the Raptors won the Larry O’Brien Trophy in 2018-19 while Kevin Durant went to Brooklyn.

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