What you need to know about violence between supporters of Mexico Championship during Queretaro-Atlas match

These are new images that the football world could not have had. A big battle broke out between supporters of the local club and opponents in Mexico on Sunday, March 6 at the first division club Queretaro in the Mexican Championship.Atlas de Guadalajara, several injured. Back to a dark day in Mexican football.

Officials leave 26 injured after fight in stands and lawn

Everything went well on the pitch for Queretaro, who took the lead (1-0) after an hour of Game 9 at Liga BBVA MX. But it was too much for rival supporters in Guadalajara, who turned a football match into an all-out battle with their local rivals in central Mexico in the 63rd minute of the game.

It was quickly overwhelmed by clashes in the stands, with the few security guards present still allowing the public to take shelter on the lawn, which led to an immediate stoppage by the referee. On the pitch, fans continued to fight and families with children tried to protect themselves.

When the situation on the team’s lawn became worrisome, the players went straight to the locker room.Corregidora Stadium. Video attests to violence in which supporters were attacked. After these clashes in the stands and lawn, Civil Defense Service For the first time, 24 people were injured. Many in the stadium dispute the number.

So, on Sunday night, Querétaro Governor Mauricio Kuri spoke at a press conference: To date, the losses from these events are 26 people were injured, 24 men and 2 women, requiring hospitalization. “ and specify: Of the 26 people, 3 have already left. Of the 23 people still hospitalized, three are in serious condition..

Mexico Championship suspended until further notice

The club reacted directly, starting with Atlas, who called for the opening in a press release issued on Sunday “Investigate to identify those responsible for the violence.” The league has filed multiple complaints and called for penalties from the disciplinary committee and game referees. “Model Punishment” to those responsible.

“Those responsible for the lack of security measures in the stadium will receive exemplary punishment.”

Mexican Football Federation President Mikel Ariola

in a press release.

Earlier in the day, the Mexican Football Federation announced the cancellation of three other scheduled games, minutes after Queretaro’s game was suspended. As such, the tournament remains on hold for now and extensive investigations are underway. Interrupted meetings will be rescheduled at a later date as specified.

The grim situation of hosting the World Cup four years ago

In addition to making a bad impression on the champions, these few vicious supporters demeaned the image of Mexican football. These unfortunate spillovers hurt the country that will host the soccer World Cup in 2026, along with Canada and the United States.

The National Football Federation and its subsidiaries now find themselves embroiled in an international scandal. Their management of the crisis will inevitably come under the scrutiny of international bodies, just four years away from hosting the world’s biggest football competition.

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