Which Is Better: Indoor Cats or Outdoor Cats?

Although you may believe that keeping Fluffy inside all of the time is cruel, allowing him to go outside might really be considerably riskier for your cat. According to AHS specialists, let your cat outside will not make him any happy than he is indoors. Your cat might get run over by a car, stolen, involved in a fight, or consume a hazardous plant. You have no control over what happens to your cat if he is allowed to roam freely outside.

Outside cats are also more vulnerable to viral illnesses such as the feline leukemia virus. Allowing your cat to go outside exposes him to fleas, ticks, and mosquito bites, which are uncommon in indoor cats. An indoor cat has a life expectancy of 10-15 years. It’s just 2-5 years for an outside cat! It’s always a painful event to lose a pet, and the gap between 15 and 5 years is significant.

So why take the risk of losing your cat by letting him out? Indoor cats have a significantly longer life expectancy. Another incentive to choose an indoor cat is that if you ever need to leave the house, you can rest certain that your kitty is safe and sound at home, incapable of causing mischief. Another disadvantage of allowing your cat outside is that cats frequently bring you dead rodents, bugs, and birds – disgusting!

The Advantages of Having an Outdoor Cat

Your cat’s access to the outdoors allows him to enjoy some alone time and peace and quiet. If your cat isn’t neutered, he can potentially “mark his territory.” Allowing your cat to go outside reduces his chances of becoming overweight. He can run about, explore, and climb trees outside, which, like people, is beneficial to his physical health.

Being out and about may also provide entertainment for your cat. Cats, like dogs, grow bored and simply need something to amuse them. Allowing your kitten to go outside is an excellent way to relieve his boredom because the wide outdoors provides endless amusement. If you dislike cleaning the litter box, another advantage of outdoor cats is that they do not require one. They can just go outdoors like dogs.

Outdoor cats may also exhibit their natural habits more freely since being outside allows them to do things like patrol their area, capture bugs, and the greatest part? Everything outdoors is one huge scratching post, which keeps your sofa from getting scratched.

How to Maintain Your Indoor Cat’s Happiness

Provide your cat with a scratching post or station to replace trees and sharpen their claws without destroying your carpet or furniture. Ensure that your cat has lots of toys. This is your cat’s “false prey,” and it keeps him entertained and motivated. Interactive toys are desirable, although plush toys or toys containing catnip are also beneficial. Give your pet a friend! This provides your cat with social connection and someone to play with while you’re not around. Try opening a window to offer your cat some fresh air (but not so much that he can escape) or even opening the curtains to give your cat his own source of pleasure.

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