Woj announces return to Lakers is unlikely!

In desperation, the Lakers spent the final stretch before the trade deadline scouring transfer routes to build on their strength. Adrian Wojnarowski just mentioned a rather surprising name in a franchise-related rumor!

Time has not been able to change their fortunes so far, nor has Frank Vogel been able to return multiple times from injury and backup. After a long appeal for the patience of observers and fans, the Lakers now find themselves forced to admit their shortcomings. The franchise has clearly not lived up to expectations and doesn’t seem to be able to do it under any circumstances.

In this case, there is only one solution for angelino employees: to deeply reshape the workforce. For now, it’s bound to involve transfers, even if the minutes are counted for Rob Pelinka and his assistants. Since then, the GM is considering all possibilities, including those that could have unexpected meetings with former team members!

Dennis Schroder to return to Lakers after fiasco?

on the antennaESPNfor example, Adrian Wojnarowski mentioned the possible return of Dennis Schröder!

Right now, the trades the Lakers are really focusing on are trivial. Players like New York’s Alec Burks, Boston’s Dennis Schroder: Any role player or second-tier starter they can get with their assets.

Considering Schroder’s legacy in Los Angeles, and the conditions under which he left last summer, the rumors were clearly surprising. The fit between the Germans and the team simply didn’t work and resulted in a dizzying drop in player ratings on the market. The latter bounced back to the Celtics as a result, at the cost of a contract that was ridiculed by internet users.

However, since the Purple and Gold Legion seems to be ready to send the “threat” back to the City of Angels, how is this possible? According to Chris Roberts, there are three-team trades specifically mentioned in the league that also involve… the Knicks!

Another trade that has been discussed is a three-team deal, according to sources, with Dennis Schroder to the Lakers, Cam Reddish to the Celtics, and Taron Hawke to the Celtics. Don Tucker and the Knicks’ second-round pick.

Dennis Schroder’s second chance with the Lakers? The purple and gold franchise appears to be ready and will start looking for trading partners to make this meeting possible!

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