Women’s Volleyball/Elite. Les Louves de Saint-Dié with Azariah Stahl and Jacqui Armer

Monaco – San Die

5pm this Saturday.

Nationality, American, player experience in the United States, second experience in Europe and first experience in France: these are the commonalities between Jacqui Armer and Azariah Stahl, who came to Saint Dier this summer The pitch strengthens the team. The first, the centre-forward, played for Swedish club Hylte/Halmstad last season and soon established himself in the Déodatienne team. “She has to adapt to the elite, but she’s a dominant center and is getting more comfortable with blocking efficiency,” her coach Manu Dumortier analyzed. “It’s starting to play a big role in our defense system. She also understands that she has to serve effectively. She’s a girl who doesn’t have too many filters, and you let her express herself, not change her character. »

Regardless, Jacqui Armer has been able to adapt well to her new environment: “Playing in the US and then coming to Europe was a challenge because it’s a different style of play and it’s hard to adapt. I feel really good on the team, It’s always been popular. We all get along very well, which makes it easier to fight together on the pitch. »

“It’s kind of hard to get used to this type of game”

Azariah Stahl is more introverted, looking to gain momentum as Louves targets the playoffs. “We can get them”, assured players via Criollas de Caguas (Puerto Rico) and Geneva (Switzerland). “We have the ability to play at a high level and win often. I think we have the ability to win every game as long as we stay focused. »

Recruited to develop points, she also works in her original position, Receptionist – Attacker. “She competes with Nihel El Ghoul and Julie Mollinger. We try to optimize his athletic potential and stabilize his reception. It can make a bigger impact”, Manu Dumortier judge. For her part, Azariah Stahl is also aware of her room for improvement.

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“I need to improve my serve and be more consistent overall so the team can continue to trust and rely on me. American also has to take on the dimensions of the new champion she is discovering. “The level is high and competitive, like I used to play the same,” she admits. “It’s a different style of play than America. Getting used to this type of game is a bit difficult. However, it is necessary to realize Louves’ “American Dream”: the playoffs.

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