world champion.The quarter-final touches on the Blues

RCalmly combined quarter-final stage, switch to final stage mode, by the way, settle accounts with the opponents responsible for its fall in 2020: France has three good reasons to play Portugal in Egypt, Sunday ( 20:30) for his final group match of the World Championships.

Guillaume Gille’s players were almost there. Arriving on tiptoe in Cairo, there is a lack of certainty about the manager’s debut, and they are very well in the top eight after five wins from five games. If the last three (Switzerland, Algeria, Iceland) were won in pain, there is hope for the Blues’ control in these fierce endgames. “It is thanks to the mentality that we were able to negotiate these decisive moments (…) well”the technician pointed out.

“Portugal challenge comes at the right time to assess our position” Guillaume Gil, French coach

The side, led by centre-back Kentin Mahé, gave themselves the luxury of not having to win again financially: a draw or a loss of less than seven goals would be enough if a three-point tie with Norway, who then followed will be eliminated. “Scores should not be consideredclaims hub Luka Karabatic, the defense’s boss. You have to get into this game to win it, we’ll only think about that. »

If Gille thinks the meeting will open up the quarter-finals for his men, it can also serve as a final run before the knockout stage. The French have not won there in all competitions since the last world title in 2017. eternal……
“Portugal challenge comes at the right time to assess our position”
concludes Giles.

They also played their qualifiers on the Egyptian pitch because of “Heroes of the Sea”, only to suffer a brief setback in front of the Norwegian (28-29), who disappeared from a second-placed nation in two years’ time A new outsider for the world players at the continental level, with special thanks for the victory over Didier Dinet’s Band (28-25) in the opening ceremony of the last European Cup.

A defeat against Norway two days later would see the Blues eliminated in the first round and see Dinart replaced by his second-in-command. A Gille evades the idea of ​​revenge with his kind words. “There was the idea of ​​facing them again and showing another face, but in addition to revenge, there was also the idea of ​​being there for this game”said the former international center.

Group 3 (third and last day)

3:30pm: Algeria – Switzerland

18 hours: Iceland – Norway

8:30pm: Portugal – France

1. France 8 points (+10)

2. Norway 6 points (+16)

3. Portugal 6 (+12)

4. Iceland 2 (+9)

5. Switzerland 2 (–9)

6. Algeria 0 (–38)

Top two advance to quarterfinals


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