World Championships (H): The Blues are third in the draw…

You can think of a joke, but it probably won’t really make the Blues laugh. A few days ago, FIFA announced that the draw for the 2021 World Cup in Egypt (January 13-30) will finally be held on September 5. Then, at all discretion, she formalized the hats for the draw, which will be the first involving 32 teams against the previous 24.

And, surprisingly, France finds itself… in third place out of four caps, behind teams like Austria, Algeria or Belarus! It was an anomaly when France had finished on the podium in four of the last five main races.

But she missed the European Championship in January last year and was eliminated in the first round, finishing 14th in the final standings. For this draw, however, FIH thought leaders relied entirely on qualifying rounds, the Intercontinental Championships…

So, in the first hat came the European top seven as well as Denmark, only 13 January last year, but the world championship title. It’s important to note that his performance at the 2019 World Cup is taken into account, unlike the bronze medal the Blues won there.

Unless the draw is very loose, the joke could have serious consequences. There is a good chance that Guillaume Gille’s team will find another Cador in the first round group (eg Denmark, Norway, Spain, Croatia). They could also inherit another difficult European team, such as Hungary (second cap), Poland or Russia (fourth cap).

“We just want to go back, whatever the draw

Philippe Bana, National Technical Director

Questions shouldn’t come in the first round, with three-quarters of teams continuing their journey. But it was fine in the second group stage: to reach the quarter-finals, it was necessary to finish in the top two of the six-man group, and the other two candidates who ultimately won would probably point to that.

However, National Technical Director Philippe Bana refused to be moved by it, even though he agreed that the distribution was “abnormal”. “This World Cup will be a crucial moment, but no one is full of pain, He said. We just want to go back, whatever the draw. The idea would be to restart the year and hopefully by then all goes well in terms of health. »

lottery cap
Hat 1: Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Portugal, Sweden.
Hat 2: Egypt, Argentina, Austria, Hungary, Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar, Belarus.
Hat 3: Iceland, Brazil, Uruguay, Czech Republic, FranceKorea, Japan, Bahrain.
Hat 4: Angola, Cape Verde, Morocco, Democratic Republic of Congo, Poland, Russia and the last two qualifiers in North and South America.


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