World Championships: Slovenia blames Egyptian organisers after elimination

The Slovenian Handball Federation (RZS) is angry. “We must not settle for the shameful organization of this year’s tournament in Egypt”, Secretary-General Goran Cvijic wrote in a vicious press release a day after the two nations handed Egypt a quarter-draw (25-25) at the expense of Slovenia. release.

Up to 12 players (!) on our team suffered food poisoning in the 24 hours before our game against Egypt“, affirmed the federation, according to which Egyptian organizers “not very interested“For the Slovenian’s serious problems at the last minute. Centre-back Stascube, winger Draganjajic and centre-forward Blago Tinsek, especially the three key players in the selection, failed to resume the game in time. crucial game.

The boys screamed in pain and threw up the toilet as if their lives depended on it“, said RZS.”During the night, Stas Scube and Dragan Gajic fell off the bed, and just before the game, Blago Tinsek, the biggest and strongest of our players, lay in agony in the locker room. on the floor (sorry to clarify this, but in his own vomit) and passed out, so he had to be taken back to the hotel“, detailed the federation, very heartening.

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Slovenia angered: players cry“, on its website, under the headline of the public channel RTVS, associates itself with the grievances of the RZS. Also on its website, the private channel 24ur condemns”behind-the-scenes shenanigans“The World Organiser. The Slovenian lives in the same hotel as Egypt, Denmark, Sweden and most of the teams, in central Cairo, turned into a health bubble due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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In the former 19th-century palace, teams share the same communal dining space, but each has their own room and buffet, AFP Live notes. “The health of the players was officially reported after the game and the Egyptian Ministry of Health contacted us“, emphasizing the Federation of Slovenia, it does not expect”Significant changes will occur as long as the International Handball Federation (IHF) operates as usual“.

International Hands Federation has been chaired by Egyptian Hassan Mustafa for 20 years, and he is doing his best to keep the World Cup alive despite the pandemic. Euro 2020 semi-finalists Slovenia are serious underdogs for the Egyptian world champions. The host nation will face Denmark on Wednesday for a place in the semi-finals.

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