World Cup 2023. The 7 personalities to remember who organized this planetary event

The kick-off for the 2023 Rugby World Cup was launched in France on Monday, during the draw for the group stages of the competition. (© Icon Sports)

On Monday December 14, 2020 a drawing was held World Cup 2023 organization in France. Three years after this deadline, the Director of the Organizing Committee for this World Cup, Claude Acherand the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron They reaffirmed their desire to organize “A perfect eventAs far as the social aspect is concerned, as is the climatic aspect, this ‘will be more thanreferencea real icon“, for the purpose of ” Leave a mark in the history of sports“They aspire to do so.

They also revealed the parameters of the organization of this an appointment planetary to Huge repercussions, far beyond rugby and sports. Here are the key numbers to remember:

Recruit 2023 young men

2023 Not only the World Cup will be organized in France, but it is also Number of jobs to be created For young people between the ages of 18-30 and holders of a BAC, license or master’s degree. With equality between women and men (with 200 young people with disabilities), the latter will benefit from the event for training in sports professions, thus validating the validity State Diploma for Sports Club Manager in Apprenticeshipfrom February 23, 2021. “This represents a budget 85 million euros, The Director General of the Organizing Committee, Claude Atcher, is entrusted with the task of La Dépêche du Midi.

Among these jobs created in 2023, from 1Verse In March and through to the World Cup, at least 20% of it will be maintained for at least another three years, “in order to allow these young people to continue to increase their employability,” Atcher explains. So this represents an approx 400 jobs renewed.

11 site managers have been appointed

Since early December, 11 site manager Appointed by the organizing committee are in training. They will take their positions in 1Verse January, in each host city, where offices will open to meet local players. Among them 4 former professional players (Cedric Cole, Xavier Chauveau, Paul Coyt-Lans and Arnaud Vercruis), as well as a third of women and another third of sporting events experts.

Appointment of 10 interns in each host city

To support site administrators, 90 trainees A . is validated MA in Sports Events Management On Campus 2023, the Junior Training Center (CFA) for the World Cup was established.

9 host cities

9 host cities will welcome 48 matches France 2023 World Cup: Paris (Saint-Denis), MarseilleAnd the LionsAnd the nightAnd the BordeauxAnd the NantesAnd the ToulouseAnd the cute – good And the Saint-Etienne.

14,000 young people will sing hymns

14,000 young people Those between the ages of 8 and 18 will be present in the stadiums to perform the national anthems of each team. built withnational education and the Popular mastery of opera comicthis project will crowd among 300 and 500 guys by meeting. Applications will be launched in September 2021.

7000 volunteers have been recruited

7000 volunteers He will be entrusted with tasks around the organization of the 2023 World Cup. The recruitment campaign will start 18 months before the start of the tournament, i.e. in end of 2021.

2,600,000 tickets are on sale

2.6 million tickets Will be offered for sale, including 800,000 are already booked. As of March 2021, 200,000 tickets will be sold across packages, team or city. The Selling single ticketsaimed at the general public, will only be available from September 2022. The issuance of tickets will be based on the dual principle of “Accessibility And the prestigeWith The first prize is 15 euros“To please all the bags,” Claude Atcher confirms in Figaro.

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