World Handball 2021: France-Hungary, quarter to verify achievement

Homecoming or medals in sight? The French handball team has recovered from a Euro 2020 defeat and will only confirm a return to action by surviving a quarter-final against Hungary on the outskirts of Cairo on Wednesday (8.30pm).

We’re in a game-changing moment.Either send us home or let’s play two more races for a medal. “At the foot of the pyramid, coach Guillaume Gill recalled how many quarter-final challenges he had been through as a player.

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Denmark is still on top of the world

January 31, 2021 at 6:05 pm

The Blues have seen others, notably innkeepers Michael Gigu (38) and Luke Abalo (36), win multiple gold medals (4 and 3 world titles respectively) over the past 15 years , plus 3 European Championships and two Olympics). The youngest players – Nedim Remili (25), Ludovic Fabregas (24) and Deca Mem (23) – experienced their last star, in 2017 won the championship at home. But they are particularly aware of the defeats that followed, the last of which was cooking: elimination in the first round of Euro 2020.

2-3 years, we’re not really where we want to beconceded Mem. With six successes in the group stage, the Blues seized their first chance to recover.If we’d been told a year ago, we’d all sign, I think‘, commented the right-back, against Portugal’s empire. “We’ve come a long way. “

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Surprisingly outnumbered Portugal (32-23) at the Euros on Sunday, France”established“Before this last test, serious business.”But this game didn’t give us anything, no medals‘, insisted the Barcelona native. What the Blues won was a wide road to the podium, with Denmark, Spain and Norway halfway through the table, none of the other three contenders for the throne. But it went through Hungary, whose The only silver medal dates back to 1986.

The most recent record of virgins, Hungary however “Great things have been done over the years”, Gille stressed. A frequent appearance in the quarter-finals of the Worlds, last time in 2017, she knew how to be “very consistent” in Egypt to get out of Germany, Brazil and Poland. Before the stalemate, Once qualified, in Monday’s (36-28) clash with Spain, by retaining its executives Maté Lékai, Bence Banhidi, Roland Mikler and Pedro Rodriguez to give the impression of preferring France over Norway and avoid The most difficult part of the table is Denmark.

it’s their choice“, Gill commented, he stressed that these are all there”Calculations that rarely pay off in international competitions.I hope tomorrow we can prove to them that they were wrong not to play till the end. “

Lékai – Banhidi Shaft

For Mem, this mismatch of Hungarians”a little disrespectful“even if he”You also have to put yourself in their shoes: we play every other dayAfter all, the Frenchman also rested centre-back Kentin Mahé for three-quarters against Portugal and benefited from an extra day. 11 saves per game) is not overly average) and muzzle Bence Banhidi (2.06 m, 120 kg),”Probably one of the best pivots in the world right now“According to winger Valentine Porter.

Bens Banhidi (Hungarian handball)

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The roles of French defenders Ludovic Fabregas and Luka Karabatic will have to foresee the intentions of Hungarian center Maté Lékai, usually in Look for Banhidi’s hand. “The point is this centre-back/centre-back relationship, as the Hungarian game basically revolves around this pair‘, Giles stressed.

Nor should it be ignored, Porte added,”remote power” from”big jig“The Magyars. Otherwise, the rebuilding of France will seriously stop at the gates of the Egyptian desert.

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Has certainty gone away for the Blues?

January 31, 2021 at 5:18 pm

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The Blues will return empty-handed

January 31, 2021 at 2:56 pm

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