Would it be beneficial to transition to 16 clubs in the league?

Taking advantage of the pandemic-related fallout, the league has shaken the French handball chessboard to allow its championship to grow. The league has grown to 16 clubs since this season, justifying the numerical advantage.

” This It is the collective good that guides us“David Terbib has always had a habit of proposing a global project during his presidency, and the transition to 16 Proligue clubs is clearly going in that direction. The main beneficiaries in the end are Angers and Salbourg, They have all been saved and eliminated after a complex season of Covid-related pandemics.

But the dynamics are still different. While Salbourg are top of the table, the SCO are still clinging to the last spot in relegation. And the coincidence of the calendar makes the two saved resumes together become 2022.

Sarrebourg got tricky with a 33-29 victory. What complicates the duo’s maintenance task, Issam Tej-Denis Tristant replaces Guillaume Dupin. From now on, the SCO knows that time is against it in an increasingly difficult tournament.

Angers and Strasbourg, new additions to 16 Proligue clubs

For Sarrebourg, we breathe, we know that we now have the ability to look at the future with aplomb. Make the most of the 16-club tournament and surprise all pundits and even players, like former international Cyril Dumoulin, who arrived at Tremblay this summer. ” The Proligue is a tougher, more competitive tournament. There is quality and work. The club was founded with meaning and ambition. Everyone goes up. Continued development is important. »

This is also the case for Villepinte and Caen, two who have advanced this season, compete with the leaders, especially the Norman Vikings of their coach Roche Bedos.

All teams are capable of attacking. We saw Villepinte early in the season. Ivey managed to do what they expected. After Ivry, it’s pretty open. We ended a season without games. The first part of the season put us at ease. All clubs are structured. Champions are increasingly attractive. We can play 15 games at home. It’s so funny. The more we play, the better. This is a champ that will keep us on our toes until June. Caen is a sports city where local elected officials provide the means.There is a desire to play handball in many places. »

Today, Proligue continues to transform into 16 clubs, and it will remain surprising for years to come.

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