Zion’s choice will make Pers fans happy!

Having surgery last summer after a sore foot, Zion Williamson has yet to play a minute for the Pelicans this season. However, given the latest news about him, that may change in the coming weeks: supporters will be delighted.

Despite a poor start to the season, Zion Williamson, the Pelicans have not let go for weeks. If it wasn’t perfect at Louisiana, management showed its ambitions by retaking CJ McCollum from the Blazers. A huge blow, confirming that New Orleans wants to be at the top of the Western stage.

The only problem with all this? Zion should embody the future of this franchise like Brandon Ingram. But with a very slow recovery and not going as planned, the Duke product still hasn’t played a game this season. worse? His behavior is far from consistent.

The Zion Update changed everything in Pels!

But that was before. Since then, Zion’s relationship with his pals has improved, and his return is said to be getting closer. In fact, fans got big news this Saturday: The Giants are back in New Orleans because he’s not in town for rehab. What to know? His return is not far off.

Zion Williamson returns to New Orleans after a foot rehab in Portland. He was authorized to resume basketball activities. The Pelicans have won four straight and are in contention for the playoffs.

Yes, even without Zion, the Pels have found the resources to make a big comeback in the West, and we think it’s better when the star is on the floor. The team is just 0.5 games behind the Lakers, and given the current dynamics, we can have confidence in Louisiana.

New Orleans just came out with a crazy stat, who expects a good run in the playoffs, at least if teams manage to validate their tickets. This summer, we can even expect other rather aggressive moves from the leaders following the arrival of McCollum.

Zion Williamson signed him to return to New Orleans, even though he will have to wait to land on the floor. Still, it’s a strong option for the interior, and it’s not far from making a comeback. Good news for the Pelicans in the final sprint.

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